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In yet another example of fake news being carried out by mainstream media rags, UK newspapers like the Sunday  Times and the London Evening Standard are running stories about Britain being placed under martial law in the event of a "no deal" Brexit.

Using unnamed "sources" the MSM is claiming that the British army would be drafted in to prevent chaos unfolding on the streets of Britain, if -- as seems likely -- the country is unable to agree a deal with the EU before the April 2019 deadline: 

"The Army could be drafted in to deliver emergency food, fuel and medicine if Britain exits the EU without a Brexit deal. The military would be called in if blockages at ports after Britain leaves the EU led to shortages in supplies, ministers told the Sunday Times. Blueprints usually reserved for civil emergencies have been included as part of the “no deal” planning, the newspaper reported.

Helicopters and army trucks could be used to carry medicine to vulnerable people outside the south-east.

A Ministry of Defence source told the Sunday Times that "no formal request" to supply aid had been received but said the department has "a blueprint for us supporting the civilian authorities that can be dusted off".

While the British government may have all kinds of plans for all kinds of extremely unlikely things -- for example alien invasion -- the purpose of this story is simply to connect the idea of "no deal" Brexit to chaos and national anarchy in the minds of the more gullible members of the public.

Britain under martial law thanks to Brexit.
The story is the latest in a long-running series designed to soften up voters and their political representatives so that they will favour either a second Brexit vote or a deal with the EU at any cost that would keep Britain half in and half out of the EU -- essentially as a kind of "vassal state" of a German-dominated EU.

Other fake news stories with a similar purpose, include a highly imaginative one in the ultra-Leftist Guardian that a "no deal" Brexit would lead to a Britain similar to 1920s and 30s Weimar Germany, presumably with our own "new Hitler," LOL.

Then there are just the low-level scare stories aimed at specific groups. 

For example, the foreign owned Independent ran a piece claiming medical supplies, like insulin, would be in short supply, following a "no deal" Brexit, simply because most of the UK's present day supplies come from EU countries. 

This is pure nonsense and just serves to remind us that the only shortage British voters really have to worry about is the shortage of democracy they have been suffering from as the establishment continues to use every weapon in its arsenal to reverse the sacred will of the people.

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