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A Turkish football player who has been playing for the wrong national team for several years because his own country is crap at football, has decided that he is no longer happy to play for that country after he was criticised for his piss-poor performance at the World Cup.

The player in question is Mesut Ozil, who has a Turkish name, looks Turkish, and owes allegiance to Turkish President Reccip Erdogan, but has been inexplicably playing for Germany. Just before the World Cup he was blamed for taking a photo with Erdogan in which the President seemed to be giving him his blessing. 

Ozil said he would no longer be playing for the German national team because German football officials are "racist." He then proceeded to give no evidence whatsoever of the supposed racism.

What's really going on here is that Germany is changing. When Ozil started his international career in 2006 Germany was a cucked country in which the foreigner was king and couldn't be criticised even if he played badly. Also, a Turk playing for Germany, and even captaining it, was a sign of the demise of the German people and their racial replacement. 

But now, following the breakthrough of the soft-nationalist party Alternative For Germany at last year's general election, Germany has started to uncuck itself to the point that people are actually prepared to criticise non-German players who play crap, while also questioning their, erm, "commitment" -- a half-cucked coded way of hinting that maybe the German team should have actual Germans in it instead of a bunch of foreigners with tenuous links to Germany.

The new outlook is evident in the words of Uli Hoeness, a former World Cup winner and President of Germany's leading club team Bayern Munich:

"I'm glad it is over. He's been playing shit for years. He last won a tackle before the 2014 World Cup. And now he hides himself and his crap performance behind this photo. His 35 million follower boys, who of course do not exist in the real world, think he has played excellently if he plays a cross to a man. Whenever we played against Arsenal, we played over him, because we know he's the weak point."

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