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San Francisco: where the streets have no shame.

Coprophilia is defined as the condition of deriving sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving faeces. 

Excuse me while I go and throw up...

It is quite different from just having a shit girlfriend, which is just sad, not actually perverse, although I'm not really sure... 

Kind of OK....I guess.

Excuse me again...

OK, that's the last time I try to write an article like this just after my dinner.

Anyway, to be coldly scientific, the reasons why coprophilia is viewed as an extreme perversion is because it can be very dangerous to one's health. Many germs and parasites are known to lurk in human faeces, and, really, you just don't want to know about some of them. 

Look kind of pretty don't they. Well, they're NOT!
Also, being attracted to shit lessens an individual's chances of reproduction, as shit and sperm just make, well, sperm and shit. 

So, clearly, coprophilia is definitely not a good thing, and may even have been trending shortly before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah -- although, sadly, the Bible is a bit vague on the details of what was actually going on there.

This is literally why the Dead Sea is dead even today.
Now, something similar to whatever it was that was going on Sodom and Gomorrah seems to be going on in the city of San Francisco, known for its rolling hills, tram cars, and "gay pride" parades. 

The city, which was once popular with tourists, seems to be in the grip of an outbreak of "copro love," with the city's ruling elites sitting back and doing absolutely nothing about a massive upsurge in street-shitting.

People are no longer leaving their
heart in San Francisco (unless their heart
 is made of shit and comes out their arse)
Like many big cities, San Francisco has a large homeless population. The low estimate is around 7,500 vagrants currently living on the city’s streets, but some surveys have put it much higher -- up to 25,000 in some cases. 

While many homeless people try to preserve their pride as human beings by being as clean as possible under difficult circumstances, some vagrants do not. It is at this point that the city's police force should intervene in the interests of public health. 

"You're not just gonna leave that there, are you punk?"
But in San Francisco, this is simply not the case, with the city's police force apparently under orders to give public poopers a wide berth. 

While it is still technically illegal to defecate or urinate in public in San Francisco, arrests for this kind of antisocial behaviour simply do not happen anymore. There are several reasons usually given for this. 

One reason is that SF is a so-called "sanctuary city" that encourages illegal immigrants, despite having some of the highest rents in the world. Another factor here is that the public transportation system closed its public restrooms following 9/11, while restaurants and other shops are reluctant to allow homeless people to use their toilet facilities. 

But the main reason for the "free-shit zone" is clearly political and represents a conscious choice by the city's Democratic Party administration.

Of course, there are Democratic Party administrations all around the country, so why should SF lean so heavily in this direction?

The obvious answer is because SF is also the "gay capital" of America, with around 6-7% of the population openly identifying as gay

Relatively tame image of SF "Pride" Day.
One of the characteristics of gays, especially homosexual men, is that they feel less repulsion than heterosexuals towards faecal matter. In fact, many of them can be said to suffer from a degree of coprophilia as an integral part of their sexuality.

This is because their point of sexual attraction in their partner is the actual anus. This, btw, isn't even hate speech. It is just a fact that everyone already knows.

Let's just say, "it is what it is" and deal with this fact like adults. 

Also, let us just add that there has also been a general shift in sexual tastes of American heterosexual men from the breast area to the butt area. So the problem of coprophilia is not even just a gay thing, but it's definitely more intense with gay men, and of course gay men definitely have a massive impact on attitudes in SF.

America's former preference for nice clean boobs has now become a semi-coprophiliac preference for butts and arseholes.
Suffice to say that many of these men may find the action of homeless men defecating in the street not to be particularly repulsive, or at least find it tolerable, whereas heterosexual people would be much less tolerant.

Also, influential older gay men may welcome a homeless population in their city for another reason. 

While young gay men have few problems finding sexual partners, older gay guys often have to pay "rent boys" for the privilege of satisfying their carnal desires. 

Having a large population of young migrant men attracted to SF by its sanctuary city status but impoverished by its high prices, creates the optimum conditions for male prostitution to flourish. 

From these various factors, we can see why it is San Francisco that has become most famous for street shitting, and how this may become extremely bad PR for the city.

Because of their unfortunate coprophiliac tendencies, gay men in the past often tried to overcompensate by being obsessively clean in other matters. This is what gave the world the term "anal," which Dictionary.com defines as: 

A popular term for “anal retentive personality,” a personality marked by excessive orderliness, extreme meticulousness, and often suspicion and reserve. According to psychoanalysis, an anal personality is formed in early childhood as a result of efforts to control bowel movements.

It is therefore ironic that the "gay capital" of America seems to be particularly bad at controlling bowel movements on its streets!

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