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Every time there's a shooting or murder that trends on social media, the procedure these days is to starve the story of info in order to kill it. We all know why. Because it might confirm some widely held view that Group X or Y is fucked in the head and dangerous, and thus threaten our wonderful diversity and rampant tolerance.

Governments, police departments, and the mass media all cooperate in this, and they even follow a rule book. 

Even where they know the killer's identity and that of his victims, and have a pretty good idea of his motives, they will sit on this information as long as possible until the story loses heat. Then, when nobody's interested the details will be released in some back page story.

This seems to be what they are doing now in the case of the Toronto shooter, who shot 15 people, killing two, on Sunday night. 

We still don't know his identity as Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has refused to release the suspect’s name. He also stated that he is not willing to speculate on the motive yet. 

Well, the thing is I am willing to speculate.

Here are the raw facts:

The gunman, dressed in black, walked around the Greektown area of central Toronto, methodically shooting people in shops and restaurants. He was later found dead after being shot at by police. 

Witness Andrew Matzios said he saw a man in a dark baseball cap firing at people waiting to cross the road, before turning and shooting into a gyros store (a kind of Greek kebab shope).

“He has this look in his face full of hate — he was trying to kill people — like a dog baring his teeth,” Mr Matzios told the Edmonton Journal.

When a woman ran past the shooter and stumbled, he stopped firing, turned towards her and shot her two or three times as she lay on the ground, according to Matzios.

Out of the 15 victims, eight were women, while the two who died were both women. 

The number of female victims seems a bit high for an entirely random attack in a city area at 10pm at night. I would say this indicates the shooter was specifically targeting women. We already know he was doing it for some kind of fucked-up emotional reasons. 

Grainy image of the shooter.
Although this could still be some sort of Jihadi thing -- after all it is Canada -- it sounds much more likely to be an incel (shory for "involuntary celibate"), someone bitter at the sluttishness and hypergamy of modern women. 

His age -- 29 -- is also a good fit with this, suggesting a man who has tried to make it in the "sexual market place" but has instead come to the grim realisation that he will never make it with women and has therefore decided to take the ultimate "revenge."

So, if I were a betting man, I would be putting my money on this being an incel. But why on earth do we need to be kept in the dark like this? The police should be telling us what they know and warning us of the danger of the coming beta uprising.


Anonymous said...

The way American society is right now creates "inches" where they would otherwise not exist. Expect more of this. Lots of "inches" are not ugly, awkward guys, but normal guys who would be alright in a healthy society; but alas, they live not in such a society. Cancel feminism and redistribute fertile women among these youngsters and you'll need not do anything else. All other solutions are half measures. Onward and upward.

Kill All Muslims said...

The shooter has been identified as a Muslim. However, their pulling a "Pulse Nightclub" maneuver by saying he's "mentally ill" - just like they did with the faggot-killer Muslim. But make no mistake - he's a fucking terrorist who just "enriched" two people into the ground.

Anonymous said...

You're right, strike my above comment as it no longer applies to this situation (although it is generally correct), the perpetrator is one Faisal Hussain. But yeah, "mental illness" blah, blah, ishkabiddle.

Anonymous said...

nice south park reference you chinpokomon

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