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An Australian man who has apparently been living rent-free in a small London apartment (aka the Ecuadorian Embassy) for over six years, may be about to be evicted. 

This follows a meeting between his landlord, Lenin Moreno, who is also the President of Ecuador, and the man's neighbour, who just happens to be the British government. 

In addition to a refusal or inability to pay his rent, the man, identified as Julian Assange, aged 47, from Queensland Australia, is also thought to have been responsible for posting "harmful information" on the internet from the Knightsbridge apartment.

As reported by The Intercept:

ECUADOR’S PRESIDENT Lenin Moreno traveled to London on Friday for the ostensible purpose of speaking at the 2018 Global Disabilities Summit (Moreno has been using a wheelchair since being shot in a 1998 robbery attempt). The concealed, actual purpose of the President’s trip is to meet with British officials to finalize an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection of Julian Assange, in place since 2012, eject him from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and then hand over the WikiLeaks founder to British authorities.

Moreno’s itinerary also notably includes a trip to Madrid, where he will meet with Spanish officials still seething over Assange’s denunciation of human rights abuses perpetrated by Spain’s central government against protesters marching for Catalonia independence. Almost three months ago, Ecuador blocked Assange from accessing the internet, and Assange has not been able to communicate with the outside world ever since. The primary factor in Ecuador’s decision to silence him was Spanish anger over Assange’s tweets about Catalonia.

Once in the hands of the British government, Assnge is likely to be handed over to US authorities where he will open a new chapter of the long-running drama "Trump Colluded with the Russians," which has been boring audiences for the last 20 months.

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