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While London was getting ready to "morally signal" against US President Donald Trump's visit to the UK, a member of the country's liberal elite has been beaten to a bloody pulp in broad daylight in one of the city's main railway stations.

As reported by the Leftist Guardian:

The former UK ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer is recovering in hospital after being attacked at Victoria station in London, with two teenagers arrested on suspicion of assault.

The 74-year-old former chair of the Press Complaints Commission and former director of communications for John Major was left with heavily swollen eyes, a split lip and a suspected broken nose.

British Transport Police said officers were called to the station at 2.45pm on Wednesday after reports that a man in his 70s had been seriously assaulted.

A 16-year-old boy from Hillingdon, west London, and a 15-year-old girl from Croydon, south London, were arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. They have been released under investigation.

“He looks terrible,” his wife, Lady Meyer, told the Times. An image showed Meyer, who is being treated in St Mary’s hospital in Paddington, covered in blood.

Sir Christopher is being treated at a hospital in Paddington, an area of London named after a talking bear from Peru.

As with the recent rape and murder of 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail in the Scottish "refugee island" of Bute, the suspects in this case are conveniently under the age of 18, meaning that their identities are protected. 

But, given the spate of Black youth crime in London, it would be fair to assume that the unfortunate former ambassador got his head kicked in by some of the city's wonderful "diversity," which, in recent days, has been brought together in peaceful harmony and multiracial hope by the incredible performance of England's football team.

The attack occurred on Wednesday afternoon, and left Sir Christopher looking almost unrecognisable to his wife, Lady Meyer, who Tweeted:

"His left eye is like a golf ball and bleeding, the nose looks like it could be broken. I’m absolutely shocked by the level of the brutality. They really beat him. It’s appalling – like something you would see in a war zone."

Image posted by his wife on social media. He must have forgotten her birthday or something.

Yes, well thanks to decades of "demographic churn" from the Third World that comfortable elites like the Meyers did fuck all to stop or even limit, that is exactly what London is – a war zone, full of terrorism, muggings, acid attacks, stabbings, and this. In fact, considering the mess the ruling elite have made of the country, the more they get a dose of this the better. 

Also, the Meyers should know all about "war zones," as Sir Christopher was UK ambassador to America from 1997 to 2003, a period which saw the USA and its British ally launch an unprovoked invasion of Iraq that resulted in millions of deaths, the destabilisation of the Middle East, and Europe's migrant crisis, with all the rapes, murders, and other crimes which that has caused.


Joe Cox said...

Too bad they didn't shiv him as well...

Martin said...

(((Meyer))) Karma's a real bitch sometimes. Oy vey muh multi-culti paradise.

Colin Liddell said...

"In the form Meyer the surname can be of Jewish and German origin, deriving from the German word meiger, meaning "mayor"; the name likely traces its origins to a wealthy landholder. Among German Jews, "Meyer" converged with the etymologically unconnected name "Meir", which is derived from Hebrew."

Unknown said...

what colur or creed were the attackers? being london area i,ll guess

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