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Based Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has now reclaimed rebel territory reaching up to the frontier with the Jewish ethnostate of Israel in the Golan Heights. This follows a decision by a rebel group to surrender following advances by the Syrian Arab Army.

According to the Saudi-controlled Arab News:

The Syrian state news agency SANA said on Thursday there are reports that rebels had agreed a surrender deal in the southwestern province of Al-Quneitra at the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

If verified, the move would mark another major victory for President Bashar Assad, who has recovered swathes of southwestern Syria over the last month in a Russian-backed offensive that has forced many rebels to surrender.

SANA, citing its correspondent, said the deal stipulated a return of the Syrian army to positions it held prior to 2011, when the Syrian conflict erupted.

Citing reports, SANA said the agreement “stipulates the departure to Idlib of terrorists who reject the settlement” and allowed those who wish to remain to “settle” their status with the authorities, meaning accepting a return of Assad’s rule.

Since 2011, Israel's frontier with Syria has been under the control of what was effectively a buffer state, allowing the Israeli air force to fly into Syrian airspace and bomb with relative impunity. 

Now that the Syrian army will once again face the Israeli army on a land border, such air attacks may now have more serious consequences for the Israelis, which may either lead to an escalation of conflict and unacceptable casualties for Israel or else to more "neighbourly" behaviour by the Israelis. We shall see. 

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