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Have you heard of the website "Human Explore," which touts itself as "The Best Place to Get Entertained and Informed" and looks, well, kind of like a lot of other bland websites that have sprouted up on the internet recently and seem to be operated by algorithms?

No? Neither had I, until today, when it came up in some search I was doing. 

The story that appeared seemed on the surface to be semi interesting, namely a female take on the sexbot stories that have been around for years -- you know the ones about ultra-realistic sex robots improving the masturbatory sex lives of the beta male masses. 

But something struck me as just odd about the piece. It wasn't just the bland site template that obviously hadn't undergone much human tinkering, or any. It was also the language used. This seemed to remind me of the kind of language you get when you use an automatic translator. 

OK, some examples. Here is the first sentence ffs:

"Moreover, the love dolls and the plastic women have especially taken the final trend these days."

Who the f**k starts an article with "Moreover"? No-one that's who. You couldn't convince me in a month of Sundays that a human being had anything to do with writing that sentence.

The second sentence isn't too bad -- a random occurrence I guess -- but then there's the weird third sentence:

It is definite that they are starting with the creation of the male love dolls as well."

When I say "weird" what I really mean is bot-like.

Yes, bots -- or automated programs -- are now so advanced that they can actually simulate Twitter accounts and have "conversations" with people online.

But even more surprising is the fact that in this case we have a story clearly written by bots that is actually about bots having sex with our women. 

It is almost as if the bot program writing this story is mocking us. Read on, the bot's now getting into its stride:

The replacement of the real men will be so drastic that you, in fact, may loose the desire for them. The latest technology has made us introverts and the question is-do we need another ‘toy’ to lead us to a total isolation? Speaking of their ability to enhance a conversation, the male love dolls are assumed to become boyfriends to many females in the world. They will even be programmed with their own stories.

Women won’t need to make effort into tricking the male love dolls to like them. They will have their needs fulfilled as many times as they want.

So, there you have it -- the latest bit of bizarro World -- bots are now writing about bots having sex with our women!!! 

OK, flesh men, what are you gonna do about it? How much of this robo-cucking are you going to take?

This article is not intended to condone violence or hate against robots.

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