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New Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has prior experience.
Following the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson,  two senior Cabinet Ministers,  earlier today, Prime Minister Theresa May has already moved to replace them with new appointees.  

Replacing Davis as Minister for Brexit, is 44-year-old Dominic Rennie Raab, the son of a Jewish refugee from Czechoslovakia who came to the UK in 1938. Raab, who was a Marxist in his yoinger days and even supported the Palestinians against the Zionist state of Israeli state, is married to a Brazilian woman, Erika Ray-Raab.

The new Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt is a 51-year-old man of partial Dutch descent whose wife is Chinese. He was also once an English teacher in Japan, so might also have a waifu pillow.

It is interesting to note that Theresa May is filling the vacant positions in her Cabinet with such cosmopolitan individuals, although it should also be added that the outgoing Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is of partial Turkish descent and is married to a half-Indian woman of Sikh descent.

Really, one wonders if any of these people are even supporting England in the World Cup!

The main reason that many British people voted for Brexit was because they felt they were being overwhelmed by an influx of foreign influence and disturbingly rapid demographic change. The changing composition of the British cabinet only goes to show how right they were.

Cosmopolitan elite: Raab with his Brazilian wife.  

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