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Members of Osmanen Germania Biker Club: not assimilating soon.

If someone is ultranationalist that's pretty cool in my book. But if they are being ultranationalist without actually being in the nation they are ultra about, then there is probably something wrong with what they're doing. So, the latest news from Germany is to be welcomed: 

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has banned the Turkish nationalist biker group Osmanen Germania BC from operating in Germany, after which police raids took place on the group in four states.

"The association poses a serious threat to individual legal interests and the general public," Seehofer said in Berlin on Tuesday morning, adding that the ban is part of a government crackdown on organized crime.

Police raided group hangouts on Tuesday morning in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria and Hessen, handing over Seehofer’s orders and seizing the association’s assets. Yet no arrests are planned, said police.
The Turkish nationalist organization has a minimum of 300 members Germany-wide, according to police. Active since April 2015, it is connected to Turkey’s conservative Justice and Development (AKP) party - known for its right wing views - and associated with Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

OK, so the reason for clamping down on the group is because of their criminal activities -- murder, extortion, drug trafficking, forced prostitution, pimping, etc. -- rather than "Go be Turkish somewhere else." But I'm pretty sure the Turkish nationalism helped, otherwise they wouldn't be mentioning it in the news reports. After all, relations between the German and Turkish governments aren't at their highest point.

Seehofer, by the way, is the guy who recently threatened to resign from the German government if Merkel didn't stiffen up Germany's lax immigration laws, so he seems like a relatively sound normie conservative political hack. 

Although it's possible he may be just acting this way because the AfD is breathing down his neck and secretly he still wants Osmanen Germania to pimp out his daughters to refugees and migrant labour. After all, who can explain the mystery of the normie mind?

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