Another tragic death happened recently. So sad.

Michael Alig a flamboyantly gay party promoter who murdered one of his boyfriends and then went on to "groom" and promote child transvestite Desmond is Amazing, has apparently died of a heroin overdose.

Really, where did I put my onions. This is tragic. What a loss!

The 54-year-old former gay scene fixture -- turned murderer -- turned trannie-kiddie promoter -- was discovered by a boyfriend just before midnight in his Washington Heights pad on Xmas eve. 

Fuck, man, that's poignant! Just when Santa's about to arrive!

Detectives recovered several zip-lock plastic bags at Alig's home, apparently containing heroin, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Here's a picture of this absolutely wonderful human being, taken shortly after his 2014 release from prison for murder:

In March 1996 Alig, with "another friend" Robert Riggs, had a stroppy gay tiff with a drug-peddling "chum," Angel Melendez, while all three were high on ketamine. Alig and Riggs then ganged up on Melendez and beat the shit out of him.

Riggs used a hammer to hit Melendez over the head, incapacitating him. Then Alig, his fist wrapped in a sweatshirt, pummeled the unconscious Melendez over and over, finally killing him. 

The pair then lifted Melendez’s lifeless body into the bathtub of the luxury apartment paid for by Alig’s boss, club impresario Peter Gatien, and doused it in Drano, baking soda and...wait for it...Calvin Klein Eternity.

They left the corpse there for “eight or nine days” before chopping Melendez’s body into pieces, and throwing them into the Hudson, from where pieces of it were finally recovered.

Now it is Alig's lifeless form that adorns the cold slab of the mortuary.

If you're still not crying at the passing of this divinity in carnal form, what kind of heartless monster are you? Think what he meant for young children like Desmond.

Trans kid superstar Desmond

Maybe young Desmond's own tender words of appreciation will at last moisten your stoney eye.

Desmond has appeared on Peeew!, the YouTube talk show of convicted killer Michael Alig. Desmond credits Alig and the “Club Kids,” a group created and led by Alig, as his greatest influences through their “fashion and their make-up, not the bad things.”


Can't you even summon up a tiny tear-lette for poor little Desmond, devastated at this news?

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