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In a recent livecast "disgraced Alt-Liter" and flagrant "gay man" Milo Yiannoupoulos has threatened to spill secret recordings of his former friends in the dissident Right. 

Speaking on the Kill Stream, Milo pulled out an external hard drive and waved it menacingly, mentioning Richard Spencer in particular. 

I have an external hard drive. I'll show it to you now. This is called the Vault. It has shit on everyone, everyone you have ever heard of. Video, pictures, emails, audio, text messages, phone calls, anything you've ever wanted to know about any public figure I have ever encountered. Most of the conversations I have had [were] with people when I've been in a single party consent state. Recorded! Archived! I have shit on everyone. And I'm now in a position in my career when I'm perfectly happy to start dropping it all. So, I have a lot of crap on Richard Spencer...um…and everybody else...So watch this space.

In the live cast he also referred to dwarf "jail-bait" dater Andrew Anglin, referring to him and Spencer as government assets, set up as honeypots so that the deep state can keep tabs on anyone thinking of wandering off the plantation:

I have read [Anglin's site The Daily Stormer] in the past, not because I agree with the content but because I like to analyse how government assets are doing. Spencer and Anglin obviously…  Spencer I know is one. Anglin I'm convinced is CIA or something. These sites are operated by the government as honeypots, so they collect the IP addresses of all the people who visit, and what the people are posting regularly on the forums. They know who all the regulars and the enthusiasts are. Also, all the stuff they've been saying. Four days after I posted an audio you might have heard of Richard Spencer losing his shit. Four days after I played that, the FBI called me. And I was like, 'not fucking surprised -- I've rather embarrassed your asset…' I know beyond reasonable doubt that Spencer is a government asset. 


But if Milo is right, isn't he about to get "Jeffrey Epsteined"? I would recommend that he gets that dirt out there as quickly as possible in order to eliminate the reason to kill him. 

The full live stream can be seen here.

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