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Patrick Casey, a leading figure in the America First movement, has broken with the group's unelected leader Nick Fuentes over Fuentes' decision to press ahead with a planned America First conference despite financial and security problems. 

Casey, speaking on a recent livestream, accused Fuentes of endangering participants and treating them like "pay pigs" to raise funds to hold the event.

In recent days Fuentes has admitted having serious financial problems. This follows his bitcoin wallet being seized and his bank account being shut down by the FBI as part of an investigation into Fuentes. 

Casey said that Fuentes was reckless to hold the event in the shadow of the Capitol Hill Riot crackdown because he could not ensure the safety of attendees, prevent the event being infiltrated, or stop the doxxing of participants by the Feds. 

Back in January, Fuentes cowardly blocked Trad News on Twitter. 

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that was uncalled for

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