Sorry gay Nazi fetishists you've got serious competition.

K-Pop and Naziism are at it again! The highly-regimented East Asian pop phenomenon and the mid-20th-century German political movement have been getting cosy once more, this time with K-Pop hottie Sowon doing the honours.

As reported by

Sowon, one of the six women in the popular K-pop group GFriend, came under fire after posting two flirty photos with a Nazi soldier mannequin. While the singer, whose birth name is Kim So-Jung, quickly deleted the photos off her Instagram page, fans demanded an apology.

The 25-year-old South Korean artist is the leader of the girl group, and users online expressed their disappointment that Sowon would not only playfully pose with a Nazi figure, but then share photos of the moment with her 818,000 followers on Instagram.

It is hard to say what a blow this is for gay Nazi fetishists and bondage freaks, who for many years have seen the death-tainted jackboots, peaked caps, death's head insignia, and Hugo Boss uniforms of Naziism as their "special thing." 

But the sad truth is that this is not the first time that the Nazi aesthetic and K-Pop have been getting intimate.

Back in 2014 K-Pop girl band Pritz got loads of free publicity for their lightweight music with this sartorial evocation of the Death Camps:

Then in 2018, K-Pop boyband KTS rocked the Nazi aesthetic -- and its brutal war of annihilation -- with this dapper little number:

As they were a boy band, the gay Nazi community was only mildly pissed off that time, and a compromise looked possible.

But the waters have been further muddied by the intervention of  J-Pop and other allied pop movements, although "allied" may be the wrong word when they are clearly much more like "the Axis." 

In Japan too Third Reich paraphernalia is innocently regarded as "kawaii" (cute), while the Swastika mark is just regarded as a Buddhistic lucky charm, rather than a nihilistic symbol of ultimate evil and mass murder. 

Keyakizaka46 possibly too young to understand the finer points of the JQ

In fact, almost every East Asian country just can't get enough of that Hugo Boss Third Reich look. It may even be necessary to build a few hundred more holocaust museums!

German SS leader Himmler and Indonesian musician Ahmad Dhani

But, don't expect this to go away just because some Jewish organisations in America (quite rightly, in the opinion of Trad News) hyperventilate over it.

In fact, the instant viral reaction that this sort of thing gets on snowflake social media will probably prompt a lot of other up-and-coming K-Pop and Asian bands to try it out.

Otherwise ignored Thai band BNK48 basking in the glow of instant publicity 

All you have to do is "apologise" once you have successfully reaped all the free publicity, and then you can take it to the bank. The only real solution is to deplatform all K-Pop, and then close down the entire internet. Forever.

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