John Wrench, the "wrong kind of poor"

Don't be the "wrong kind of poor," because you will be given a bit of sausage and mash and left to freeze to death in a shop doorway, while the "right kind of poor" lap up all the welfare gravy. 

The "wrong kind of poor," in case you're wondering, are White and working class kids, like John Wrench, who was found dead in a shop doorway in Manchester on the morning of 1st February.

As reported by Manchester Evening News:

Greater Manchester Police said officers were called at around 8.15am on the morning of Monday, 1 February to reports of concern for the welfare of a person off Market Street. Emergency services attended but sadly a young man was declared dead at the scene.

There are no suspicious circumstances and a file is being passed to Manchester's coroner. The man can today be identified as John Scott Wrench, originally from Bolton. A shrine of flowers, candles and tributes to John has appeared at the spot where he died.

Jim Hutton from Mad Dogs Homeless Project, a charity that supports people sleeping rough in the city centre, told how he had given John some hot food the night before the tragedy.

"I saw him on the Sunday night and gave him some sausage and mash," said Jim. "When I heard he was gone I couldn't believe it. His family are devastated."

John was one of five siblings and was believed to have been a 'relatively fit young man' before he died.

The weather in Manchester was sub-zero, with temperatures at minus 3 and heavy snowfall. 

So sad!

But not to worry, at least the "right kind of poor" are being more than well looked after, being put up in luxury 5-star hotels and given plenty of spending money.

But, strangely, the authorities don't want you to know about their generosity in this case, maybe because the "right kind of poor" for them are fake refugees. These are asylum seekers who have gone to Britain from their own country via another country, like France, because they heard how generous the Brits are to the "right kind of poor."

Right now the mainstream media are trying real hard to debooonk this, but nationalist party Britain First proved it back in September by paying an actual visit to a luxury 5-star hotel in Worcestershire, the Britannia Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa. Here they banged on doors and filmed actual fake refugees in their luxury accommodation.

Zero chance of freezing to death

As reported by the Worcester Advertiser:

In the video, the activists bang loudly on a number of hotel bedroom doors and quiz migrants staying there about their nation of origin and whether they are paying for their stay.

The Advertiser reported in April that around 150 asylum seekers were being housed at the hotel under emergency measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Local response to the issue has been divided with some welcoming the newcomers, while others have raised worries about intimidation and behaviour when the migrants have wandered from the hotel.

Now, last month's visit of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to the hotel - where he was turned away by security - has been followed by the Britain First video.

In fact the authorities are so embarrassed by the Britain First video that they are trying to spin it as a "racist attack." LOL, when it was clearly an attempt to verify the much debooonked story that refugees were being put up in 5-star luxury.

Jenni Halliday, a director of Serco, the company awarded the contract to house the migrants, said:

"Serco was shocked and appalled at this racist attack on a hotel where we are accommodating asylum seekers. At the same time, we are very proud of the swift response of our employees who were on duty at the hotel. They dialled 999 to summon the police who arrived quickly."

Yes, Serco is literally being paid billions by the UK government to dial 999 when someone films their precious little cash cows! Meanwhile homeless, working class Brits, including military veterans, are being left to freeze to death on the streets of British cities this Winter. There, that's the Tories for you. Complete scum.

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