Osaka and how she is correctly portrayed by a Japanese noodle company.
In a thrilling tennis match between an actual White person and a "virtual White person," the virtual White person has won and become the new Australian Open champion. 

Naomi Osaka of Japan beat White American Jennifer Brady 6-4, 6-3.

While Brady is a normal White person with two White parents, Naomi Osaka is a "virtual White" according to the racial classification system of J. Philippe Rushton and Richard Lynn. Osaka has a Black father and a Japanese mother.

Based on the r/K theory of reproductive behaviour and other characteristics, this classification system places the three main races on a spectrum, with Blacks on one side, East Asians on the other side, and Whites in the middle. 

This means that even though she has no White parents, Osaka is a "virtual White person" because one of her parents is East Asian and the other is Black. This effectively places her squarely in the middle of the spectrum -- in the "White zone."   

This makes sense because, except for a few exceptions, pure Blacks and pure East Asians do very poorly at tennis, which tends to be dominated by Whites. 

This is because Whites occupy the tennis "sweet spot." They tend to be more athletic than East Asians while also being more mathematically or spatially aware than Blacks. 

Osaka, by combining the positives of Black and East Asian characteristics, is able to mimic White characteristics in tennis and thus become a champion. 

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