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We are now all rich beyond the dreams of Croesus 
and will never have to work again.

The entire human race struck it rich this week when NASA finally published a report on 16 Psyche, a meterorite orbiting berween Mars and Jupiter that is made up of rare metals and estimated to be worth $10,000,000,000,000,000,000.

As reported by rich people's lifestyle site The Robb Report:

Humans just got one more reason to journey to outer space. There’s a rare asteroid the size of Massachusetts orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s worth an estimated $10,000 quadrillion.

The rarity, known as 16 Psyche, was actually discovered back in 1852, but NASA’s Hubble Telescope has finally given earth-dwellers a closer look. The new study, which was published this week in The Planetary Science Journal, indicates that asteroid’s composition is key to its astronomical value.

To put this touted figure into perspective, when written out in full it boasts a line of zeros that could nearly stretch to the asteroid itself. That’s $10,000,000,000,000,000,000. This makes Psyche 70,000 times more valuable than the global economy, worth about $142 trillion in 2019, or enough to buy and sell Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is just shy of $200 billion, about 50 million times. That’s all thanks to some heavy metal.

Psyche, which spans 140 miles in diameter, appears to made entirely of iron and nickel. This metallic construction sets it apart from other asteroids that are usually comprised of rock or ice.

But just how much money are we talking about here? The figures are so high that they are hard to comprehend, and using Jeff Bezos as a yardstick doesn't help either. 

In fact, the numbers are too big to even fit on my calculator, but basically what we are talking here is enough instant wealth to give every single person on Planet Earth $1,303,101,381 each! 

$1,303,101,381 each!!!!

Meanwhile the Biden administration is dragging its heels getting a few watered-down stimulus checks out to the long-suffering American voter. 

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