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North Korea has criticised globalist attempts to destabilize its giant neighbour China by attacking its human rights record.

The show of solidarity came in an article on the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The article by Kim Il Chol, a member of the Korea-China Association for Civil Exchange Promotion, accused "western countries" of using events in Hong Kong and China's Xinjiang province to interfere "in the internal affairs of China."

The article implied it was hypocrital of Western nations to attack China's human rights record when they had failed to protect their own populations from Covid-19:

"Those main culprits, who failed to take even an elementary anti-epidemic measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thus caused heavy toll, are acting like human rights judges. This is, indeed, no less than an act of a guilty party filing the suit first."

To refute Western claims that China was engaging in "genocide" in Xinjiang, the article pointed to the relatively healthy demographics of the region's Muslim Uyghur population:

"Xinjiang can never be made an issue either. As China reported, Xinjiang Uyghur population has increased from 5.55 million to 12 million during more than 40 years and the total volume of production increased by 7.2% every year in the period of 2014~2019. Such successes achieved in the socio-economic development of Xinjiang demonstrate the very validity of the policy of the Chinese Party on ethnic minorities and development of ethnic regions.

This being the case, the western countries are hell-bent on interfering in internal affairs, harping on about someone’s human rights issue. This constitutes a serious political provocation in its entirety aimed at fulfilling their pipe dream on regime change by means of disrupting national unity and social stability of other countries."

For our part, Trad News does not believe that every part of the world is interchangeable. Nor that one system can work for everyone. Therefore different parts of the world must be extremely careful about interfering in the affairs of other parts of the World. The Chinese and North Koreans are right to see such behaviour as an act of aggression.

Also in recent years, as we have seen with increasing censorship, deplatforming, and attempts to control democratic processes and even the financial markets, the boasted "freedoms" of many Western countries are a myth. 

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