The masochism and emasculation peddled by Morgoth.

YouTuber Morgoth is well known in Dissident Right circles. He is closely aligned with Patriotic Alternative, which has all the signs of being a shill Nazi party. 

He is also strangely popular with his sheep-like followers, who swallow his morose mid-brained takes and glug down his grim wallows in White victimhood. 

In fact, his popularity is built on the pathetic need of many White people to see themselves as powerless victims in a world where their demonic enemies (of a certain ethnicity) have all the power and want to see them raped and killed. I get the feeling that half of them get kind of turned on by that view of things -- and all the better when delivered in the droning tones of a depressing and monotonous Geordie accent. 

The other day Morgoth (or Borgoth as I call him) found the perfect story for his self-emasculating followers, the tale of a Black rapper's brother who killed two White women and then livestreamed it.

Even better, he found an obscure source for this terrible crime. This meant he could then pretend that it was "being ignored by the J-controlled media."

"Yes, the J**s are at it again," went the dog-whistling narrative, "wiping out the White race two coalburners at a time, while the controlled J-media was suppressing it. How evil, boo hoo hoo..."

This was ambrosia for the cucked White victimhood junkies who make up the majority of Borgoth's low-IQ following. They lapped up the impotent outrage with gusto as revealed by the retweet rate. 

Now, Trad News would be the first to admit there is something of a double standard in reporting the news, and, yes, it is true that a lot of Black crime is downplayed. (We even got attacked by Canadian TV for pointing this out.) So was Morgoth perhaps in the right here? Was he actually correct that no one -- besides him and his followers -- cared about this terrible murder?

Well, Google certainly seemed to care because they allowed me to do a search on Uzzy Marcus the murderer's brother in this case. And, guess what, there were plenty of results showing news sources that were reporting on it. Here are a few:

First the Daily Mail, the most successful newspaper in the UK and online:

To Morgoth this is probably just tumbleweed. 

Then there is People Magazine, one of the most read sites in the US:

Morgoth: "Me no know People Magazine, me grug Geordie"

Even Yahoo, which Morgoth will probably tell you is owned by the Rothschilds, George Soros, and the Elders of Zion was pushing the story FFS!:

I guess this is all just crickets to Morgoth. 

We often here about "fake news," but what Morgoth specialises in is "fake non-news," pretending that some horror against the White race isn't being reported, all the better to blame the "almighty Jews" and wallow in pathetic victimhood. As we can see above, this is actually quite a big news story and is not being ignored, as Morgoth claimed.

Obviously, based on this, it is clear that Morgoth is a complete fake and phony. But am I being just a little bit too hard on him? After all a Geordie is just like a Scotsman with his brains knocked out.

Or maybe he was injured in a wanking accident and lost the ability to Google search news stories. Maybe he didn't see all the mass media coverage of the murder. 

Just in case, Trad News contacted him with a nice, friendly tweet:

Yes, I was being super nice here. I didn't even call him "Borgoth." So what was his reaction?

Possibly a civil admission that he may have been a little too hasty in his pathetic doom-mongering and anti-Semitic dogwhistling, plus a few humble lines of thanks?

Well, no, it was this, the cowardly response of the liar who has been found out, LOL:

"The Fake cries out in pain as he blocks you."

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