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In yet another major blow for the Alt-Right, the Heel Turn Network (HTN) has been demonetised by YouTube and Streamlabs. 

HTN has been a kind of YouTube hub for a range of semi-popular and less popular Alt-Right channels that were being monetised through YouTube and Streamlabs, a stream processing platform, which can be used to collect tips and donations. 

The move came after an article appeared on anti-Alt-Right blog Angry White Men highlighting the importance of Streamlabs to the growth and success of HTN:

One of the largest white supremacist groups that collects donations through its Streamlabs account is the Heel Turn Network, a YouTube channel that acts as a hub for numerous online shows. Heel Turn is currently headed by white nationalist Seth Wallace, who goes by the pseudonym “Joachim Hoch.” Wallace often appears as a co-host alongside National Policy Institute leader Richard Spencer.

Last year Spencer was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Nina Koupriianova. Some of his alleged abuse included throwing her down a flight of stairs, punching her in the face while she was pregnant, and urging her to commit suicide. He was reportedly fond of telling her that the “only language women understand is violence.” At Heel Turn he hosts the eponymous Richard Spencer Show.

According to their Streamlabs page, their top ten donors for the past month have given a total of $874.16. In addition to a donation page for the Heel Turn Network itself, at least three shows appearing on the network have separate donation pages on Streamlabs.

The article is a lengthy catalogue of how "Nazi," "Neo-Nazi," "wignat," "K-word," "N-word," or simply tasteless the various channels hosted on Heel Turn were. For example:

The Gas Station is another recent, explicitly Neo-Nazi show, hosted by the pseudonymous Sarin and German James Woods. The show borrows its title from the gas chambers that were used to murder Jewish inmates en masse at extermination camps such as Treblinka and Auschwitz. Even the still image from the most recent episode depicts Woods and Sarin standing next to a Dodge Challenger — James Fields’ car — outside the gates of Auschwitz.

Pathetic Andrew Anglin wannabes.

Yes tastelessness is fast becoming a "hate crime" on the internet.  

In response to this, Seth Wallace has now left Heel Turn, which also appears to have switched most of its content to private or deleted it.

The various livestreams formerly hosted on it have moved or are moving to other YouTube channels. A video by Augustus Invictus explained that the Richard Spencer, Apollonian Transmission, and Ragnarok and Roll livestreams would now be on Radix's YouTube channel, effectively Richard Spencer's personal YouTube channel.

Gas Station and Goy Talk will be on some channel called Vanguard, and Minority Report, The Foundry (with Matt Parrott), and Dr Duke Live will be on the Revolutionary Conservative channel.
Spencer is apparently hoping to escape from this latest shitstorm in his long career of shitstorms by focusing on "more intellectual" content. 

The hope is that he will be able to distance himself from the cruder, racial-smear-using, Nazi-signalling livestreams, which will either be hunted down in the same way as HTN or left alone if they are regarded as insignificant enough. 

With this and the recent Amazon purge of Alt-Right books, the Alt-Right must feel that the sky has collapsed on it again. 

Maybe this will educate the brighter ones among them to follow the advice of Colin Liddell and avoid all the Nazi crap. The problem is that most of these people unironically think Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived and blame the Jews for everything that is wrong with the World.

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