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The full story on Richard Spencer is yet to come out, but the idea that he is just a poor, misunderstood advocate for White people, with a few edgy takes and an unfortunately effeminate voice is looking increasingly like lipstick on a very ugly and disgusting pig. 

The more you learn about the man the more you realise that Spencer is a deeply fucked-up individual, who can most accurately be summed up as a Neo-Nazi piece of shit and/or Deep State operative out to discredit healthy White identitarianism and nationalism.

This is the picture to emerge from recent revelations by Jason Kessler, the man who initially tried to organise Charlottesville as a sensible, broadly Right-wing demonstration before it was hijacked by Richard Spencer and his cronies like (((Mike "Shark Eyes" Enoch))) and Eli "Stolen Valor" Mosley, a well-known liar

Kessler recently made a 46-minute-long Periscope broadcast, titled "Do Not Trust Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer," in which Kessler gave his take on the media-appointed Alt-Right "Fuhrer."

In the broadcast, Kessler referred to the events leading up to, and after, the Charlottesville debacle and revealed that Spencer is a literal Nazi who idolizes Adolf Hitler, and even has pictures of him on his wall. This despite the fact that many people have long argued that Spencer's Nazi affectations were just  an edgy, ironic "bad boy" pose because he was neglected by his parents as a child. 

Most damning were Kessler's revelations about the Hitler-themed parties that Spencer forced him to attend, where everyone was expected to sieg heil:

"He's not a white nationalist. He's a Hitlerist. He is a Neo Nazi. He is the most clear example of a Neo Nazi in the Alt-Right. His speeches are full of allusions to Adolf Hitler.

In private, on May 14th [2017], after the first Charlottesville event, there was a party with him and a bunch of other people, and they all got together. There was Mike Enoch, Heimbach, and Spencer, and Spencer was 'Sieg Heil!' 'Sieg Heil!' so much that the veins were popping in his head. Like, the dude was fucking intense on that shit."

Kessler claims that his refusal to do Nazi salutes gained him the enmity of Spencer and his cronies, referring to texts between Spencer and his followers in which they discuss how to undermine him.

Spencer's eMessages with Eli Mosley. Note the reference to sieg heiling from Spencer on the right.

"That is where the whole mistrust of me supposedly came from. Go and look at those texts between Spencer and Eli. It's all this stuff about why wouldn't Kessler do a Sieg Heil? Why wouldn't he do that? We can't trust him he must be a Jew. His grandmother's last name must be Goldberg."

But more serious than Spencer's obviously sexually-charged fantasies about being a new metrosexual/gay Hitler, is the enormous harm he is doing to healthy White nationalism and the young men whose lives he is ruining, so that he can better exert his sick control over them and further corrupt them into his dark and perverted ways.

"These people are poisoning the well by teaching these young men, who have their whole life in front of them, this radical Neo-Nazi shit. Then, when they do it in public, and they have their lives destroyed, they [i.e. Spencer and his gang] don't introspect and say, 'Hey maybe this isn't something that isn't viable in the real world. Maybe we should not be teaching these guys this bullshit.' No, what they do is say, 'No, you shouldn't go in public anymore. You need to stay on the internet and only do your activism on these platforms which are controlled by far left Cultural Marxists who ban you."

In his video Kessler also accused Spencer of not only failing to lead a united legal defence of the Charlottesville protesters but actually dividing and isolating the accused, so that they could be picked off one-by-one by the Left's lawfare tactics. 

Other terms used to describe Spencer in the broadcast were "trust fund baby," "woman beater," "abuser," "manipulator," and "hideous individual" with "rage issues." 

But Spencer is such a sick puppy that he will undoubtedly take great pleasure in all these nefarious titles. In fact, he's such a psychological dump site that we suspect he's listening to this right now in his Mum's basement in Montana, jerking off as he stares into a mirror and Sieg Heils his own leering face.

Jason Kessler on Richard Spencer


David Stanley said...

Andy knew when to get out. I wish you would focus on quality work. It's not that we disagree with you about RS, it's just a bit depressing to see you spending your time on this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Spencer or Kessler.

Anonymous said...

Yeh exactly, who cares about how a promising political movement was subverted and self-destructed. There are much more important things to concentrate on like what the uniforms the traffic wardens will wear in the ethnostate. Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

He's always come across as an effeminate buffoon, with an innate desperation to recruit all sorts of morons - Iranian Pick up Artists, Iranian Zionists, Zionists, homosexual Satanists, more Zionists....Hitler would have gassed Spencer so in his own self-interest he should cease his hailing (and being an outright idiot).

Anonymous said...

A bit late to the party but I know for a fact that Spencer sucked off Heimbach in the back bedroom of a private house we partied at.

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