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Gay Tory Rene Kinzett looking forward to life inside.
Britain's Conservative Party (sic) is bravely struggling with the Brexit process at the moment, but it is finding itself increasingly undermined by the aberrant activities of its gay contingent. 

Just the other day one of its young MPs Ross Thomson, 31, the member for Aberdeen South, got drunk in the Strangers' Bar at the Houses of Parliament and started groping strange men's bottoms. Police were called and the MP was spoken to, but due to "gay privilege" was not arrested. Now he is claiming that he grabbed men's buttocks to avoid falling over, LOL! 

As reported by The Sun:

Ross Thomson, 31, was spoken to by cops at Strangers' Bar at 11pm on Tuesday after a complaint about "sexual touching".

No arrests were made following the alleged incident - but the Aberdeen South MP was said to be "was very, very drunk" after at least five hours in the boozer.

Scotland Office minister Lord Duncan and fellow Tory MP David Duguid noticed trouble brewing and attempted to remove Thomson “before things got out of hand”.

Ross Thomson’s ex claims he was ‘threatened’ after slating the Scots Tory MP’s boozy ‘grope’ shame at Parliament bar.

But sources revealed the Aberdeen South MP refused help amid claims he groped two men in the busy pub.

One witness said: “Someone noticed a row developing and he was encouraged to leave.

“Moments later he returned and again approached a young man. One of their friends left and came back with police officers who took him away.”

Also recently another gay Tory politician, councillor, Rene Kinzett, was jailed after getting his kicks watching children being ass-raped live online. 

As reported by the Daily Record:

An ex-Tory councillor is behind bars after watching children being raped live online.

Rene Kinzett visited watched the horrific scenes in chatrooms with other perverts, even asking if anyone had access to "pedo mom vids".

The 43-year-old former leader of the Conservative group on Swansea Council, was on the site when seven category A films, featuring the most extreme sexual abuse, were streamed.

Using the online name 'UKcloudbi Perv', the creep's vile behaviour earned him 45 months in prison, Wales Online reports.

Kinzett was a serving councillor when he committed 14 online child abuse offences.

He was originally elected as a Lib Dem and but went on to switch to the Tories, eventually leading the group in the council chamber.

At one point he also stood as a Parliamentary candidate in the Swansea West seat.

It looks like the voters of Swansea West had a narrow escape there.

Also, notice how the Daily Record kindly "spare our feelings" by glossing over the homosexual nature of the crimes?

In fact, most of the mainstream reports on the case just mention the child rape and say absolutely nothing about the homosexuality. Only local news site Wales Online mentions his homosexuality and then only fleetingly in a quote from another councillor:

One former councillor said: “When Rene first stood he was a student, and he seemed an okay guy at first.

“I believe he failed his degree initially because he was not concentrating on his studies, although he did finally complete it.

“Years later he seemed to have changed. He seemed full of himself, and quite an aggressive person.

“He caused internal trouble for the Lib Dems, continually arguing in group meetings.

“There was rumours about his private life at the time. It was the first time I had heard of Grindr (the gay dating app).
“But there was no hint of any situation with children.”

The actual gory details of the case reveal Kinzett to be mainly interested in the homosexual anal rape of young boys, as revealed by The UK & Ireland Database, which managed to secure a transcript of the case:

Richard Hearnden, prosecuting, said: “On September 3, 2014, the National Crime Agency told the Met Police that Mr Kenzitt had been identified as uploading indecent images of children onto Twitter.

“They were mostly of young males between 10 and 16, although there were some images of girls between 10 and 16.

“An address was identified in Leyton. There were some Category C images uploaded or distributed on the social media messaging application WhatsApp. The images that had been uploaded to WhatsApp were traced to IP addresses on separate dates in February 2015 and back to September 2014.”

Police traced the IP address to Kenzitt’s address and arrested him in September 2015.

Mr Hearnden said: “When the police got hold of the defendant’s iPhone several indecent images of children had been sent from that phone. The subscription of these IP addresses was the defendant’s. There were some associated emails addresses ntnworld.com and the other was a Hotmail address, which reads very clearly to be ‘biwelshboy’...

“Images were found on a Toshiba computer which was found in his house. The images included anal penetration of children aged between 10 and 15, naked boys with adult women, and younger girls taking their clothes off. He denied making them or distributing them. However, there was, in examination of his Toshiba computer, conversations and chats between a user and another user, who has been identified as Mr Kinzett, talking about explicit sexual fantasies involving toddlers and children aged six and eight. The conversation focuses on a particular boy who lived in the Leyton area and it’s suggested that Mr Kenzitt offered to babysit the boy.”

Looks like that young Leyton boy had an even luckier escape than the voters of Swansea West.

The real problem here is that in today's political system, gays are fast-tracked by mainstream political parties infected with Cultural Marxism. These parties routinely fail to look into the moral character of gay candidates, as this is considered somehow "homophobic." They certainly face much less scrutiny of their sexual morals than heterosexual men and women do. 

Then, once gays are set on the ladder to political power, the fact that they belong to a tightly net-worked group boosts their continued rise to positions of influence. 

This has led to gays and people of non-normal sexuality (LGBTQs) being enormously over-represented in British politics, with potentially disastrous consequences. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, LGBTQs are just 1.5% of the UK population, yet they make up an enormous 7% of British members of Parliament -- an over-representation of five times. 45 out of 650 MPs are LGBTQ, with the SNP having 20% of their 35 MPs from this demographic. This makes the SNP the gayest party in the gayest parliament anywhere in the World.

If you must be a degenerate there are much better ways to go about it than being a gay Tory pedo.

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