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It is not yet clear exactly what is happening but it appears that online retail monopoly Amazon.com has started another major crackdown on right-wing literature. 

This time they appear to be focusing on books that are critical of Jewish power and the Jews, including Greg Johnson's "White Nationalist Manifesto" and E. Michael Jones "Jewish Nazis."

While Johnson is a well-known "Hitler fetishist" who blames the Jews for practically everything wrong with the modern West, E. Michael Jones is a non-racial Catholic traditionalist who critiques the influence of Jewish culture in more spiritual terms. The one thing they have in common, however, is that they criticize Jewishness. 

On Facebook, E. Michael Jones shared a post from his publisher Fidelity Press, which read:

Amazon has removed E. Michael Jones's e-book "Jewish Nazis" from sale, telling us "we found that the subject matter of the following book is in violation of our content guidelines." (If you previously purchased this e-book on Amazon, please let us know whether Amazon has also removed it from your Kindle. Thank you.)

Greg Johnson, who recently outed himself as an explicitly gay man, complained about Amazon's decision to ban his book in an article published at Counter-Currents. He also drew attention to Amazon's monopoly power:

This is deeply upsetting to me. I have been buying from Amazon.com for 20 years. The only company I truly love is Counter-Currents. But Amazon comes in a close second. Amazon made a good business by selling all books, even those that only sell a few copies a year. That model laid the foundation for Amazon basically becoming a global marketplace for practically everything. Amazon’s algorithms and search functions, as well as its reviews, were enormously helpful in expanding my intellectual horizons. I visit the site virtually every day. And second only to the pride of opening the first carton of a new Counter-Currents book is the pride I felt seeing our titles pop up on Amazon. Even if Amazon completely deplatformed me, I don’t think I could bring myself to never look at it again.

Amazon is as indispensable in today’s world as banks, hospitals, and utilities. And just as the gas company should not be able to make you freeze because they disagree with your politics, Amazon and other natural monopolies like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook need to be regulated. In fact, to safeguard freedom of opinion, we need a complete ban on politically correct terms of service and employment throughout the US economy. The First Amendment needs to rein in corporate as well as government tyranny.

In the past Johnson has been a fervent admirer of Naziism  and has frequently praised Hitler and Savitri Devi, a rabid Hitler fan who lived in India. 

Needless to say, linking White nationalism to the rotting corpse of Adolf Hitler makes it much easier for a company like Amazon, which at least claims to believe in free speech, to censor books. 

As Colin Liddell and others have long argued, this is why any movement seeking "White well-being" in the modern age should have a correct view of Hitler, namely as a self-destructive mass murderer who hated and killed mainly White people, and as someone who polluted the waters that healthy White nationalism must swim in, which means that those waters must be cleaned. 

While successful European nationalist movements have done just that, American nationalist movements haven't and have continued to fail.

Johnson's constant Nazi signalling, along with his willingness to associate himself with particularly off-putting forms of White nationalism created by highly suspicious characters -- (((Weev))), Andrew Anglin, (((Mike Enoch))), etc. -- has come back to kick him up the ass. 

The sad thing is that the reaction he has helped to stir up will not only hurt him, but will also spill over and hurt other, more sensible White identitarians with saner and more rational views. 


Counter-Currents reports that the following books have also been banned from Amazon:

Greg Johnson, New Right vs. Old Right
Greg Johnson, Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country 
Greg Johnson, In Defence of Prejudice
Greg Johnson, ed., North American New Right, vol. 1 
Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies
Son of Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies 
F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power 
Jonathan Bowden, Western Civilization Bites Back
Jonathan Bowden, Extremists: Studies in Metapolitics
Michael Polignano, Taking Our Own Side
James J. O’Meara, The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture
Spencer Quinn, White Like You
Savitri Devi, And Time Rolls On 
Savitri Devi, Defiance: The Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi 
Irmin Vinson, Some Thoughts on Hitler & Other Essays 

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Andrea Daley Utronebel said...

This is proof that the political divide is not between 'right' vs 'left'. After all, why do the so-called 'leftist' Democrats support Right-Wing Israel while siding with Trump against Left-Wing Venezuela?

The real divide is between "Is it good for Jews?" vs "Is it not good for Jews?"

BDS is associated with the Left, but Congress passed an anti-BDS bill with hardly any opposition from Democrats. Netanyahu is a 'far right' leader but so-called Liberal Hollywood is 100% with Israel, Israel.

It's gotten to the point where the Alt Right, Dissident Right, and Dissident Left should start a movement calling on Big Tech to censor Jewish Hate, Jewish Supremacism, Zionist Imperialism, and Wars for Israel(that are genocidal in nature against any people hated by Jews).

Amazon says it's against 'hate speech'? Okay, there is no bigger Hate Speech in the world than Zionist-Jewish Supremacist Imperialism that defends Nakba Pogroms, colonization of West Bank, and IDF death squads mowing down thousands of Palestinian women and children.

Also, why are Neocons allowed to sell books when they recruited Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off a coup against a democratically elected government?

Andrea Daley Utronebel said...

"In the past Johnson has been a fervent admirer of Naziism and has frequently praised Hitle.. Needless to say, linking White nationalism to the rotting corpse of Adolf Hitler makes it much easier for a company like Amazon, which at least claims to believe in free speech, to censor books."


Also, Roosh isn't a Nazi, but he's been banned too.

Look, I understand Liddell dislikes Johnson(for sound reasons), but Johnson can't be faulted for this. Sometimes, we must all stand together when something this egregious happens. Even if Johnson had totally disavowed Hitler all his life, his new book would likely have been banned because it notices Jewish Power and presents a rational argument for nationalism.

Also, only an idiot would deny that Jews have the commanding power in US politics and power. And why does Liddell think the Power will treat him any better? And speaking of crazy talk, didn't Liddell once write a piece for Alternative Right with heading calling for 'genocide' of Africans? It even freaked out Andy Nowicki. Granted, Liddell didn't mean blacks should be killed outright, only that they should be left to their own devices, even if millions perish from famine. Still, the title of the piece gave the impression to many that Liddell was nuts.

This association of Johnson with Nazis seems like projection. Nowicki, who write for Affirmative Right, also wrote for Counter-Currents. Also, Liddell has been closely associated with Parrott and Heimbach who clearly had Neo-Nazi sympathies.

Colin Liddell said...

"didn't Liddell once write a piece for Alternative Right with heading calling for 'genocide' of Africans?"

No I didn't. The title was "Is Black Genocide Right?" (QUESTION MARK) and was an obvious response to the ongoing demonisation and slaughter of Whites in South Africa. Yes, it was misunderstood -- usually on purpose by our enemies -- so I would not use such provocative language today. That was in 2012 btw.

Associating a movement with Nazi-F**s is the least effective way to critique and challenge excessive Jewish power, but I am not clear if you are advocating that or not.

D. David France said...

Even pro-white books like Ward Kendall's, "Beyond This Horizon - A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow" has been "disappeared" by Amazon during this latest purge - I book I read and which is neither pro-Nazi or pro-KKK and clearly states as much. Now that book is gone, although his novels remain. But for how long?

rudie said...

Johson, Jones, Spencer, Eunich are obsessed with easy target Jews while being afraid to confront leftists of all colors, muslims and blacks who really murder and destroy the country. They spread their hate over internet and directly trying to inject Jew-hatred into european nationalist movements. Their propaganda led to significant increase of anti-Jewish crimes. Wish they could be debated and defeated ideologically but I presumed not many intellectuals are willing to engage with them - some because of the lack of knowledge, most of apprehension being tarnished. Ryan Faulk's publication could be a good start to confront nazi tendencies among altright leaders and majority of their followers.

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