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When America was set forth upon this World two-hundred-and-two-score years ago and three, it's ultimate destiny was to be a shining beacon unto the nations of ultimate Boomerism, a creed that shall not perish from the land until every man know that Dems are the real racists.

Now it looks like that historically pre-ordained moment set out in the annals of time has finally arrived with the case Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, whom, it was revealed dressed up as a klansman (or did blackface) for a 1984 med school yearbook photo, although he claims he was just doing Michael Jackson, LOL.

He definitely wasn't, as even the Dems admit in the Washington Post:

A viral photo of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) overshadowed the first day of Black History Month. As an expert in the history of amateur blackface minstrelsy, I was not surprised to see that a young Northam had a blackface Klansman photograph included in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

I spent a decade poring over blackface composites from yearbooks and fraternal orders, watching cracked film footage and cataloguing more than 10,000 blackface plays at Harvard University. Those plays and Northam’s racist photo show us the centrality of amateur blackface minstrelsy to American cultural life and universities. They show how upwardly mobile white men concentrated white-supremacist political power in the century after the Civil War, using the profits of amateur blackface to build white-only institutions and using blackface performances to articulate to voters their legislative commitment to white supremacy.

Yes, the fact that it was a Democrat and not a Republican who participated in this deeply offensive act is the red meat the Boomer faithful have been waiting for, including Boomer-in-Chief Donald "I love the Blacks" Trump.

Shout it loud and shout it proud, Boomer bros: Dems are the real racists! Hallelujah!

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