Britain's Royal Family, which has a long history going back hundreds of years, is now "essentially dead" after the sixth-in-line to the throne, Prince Harry, 34, married a person who is completely unsuited to be a Royal.

There are several reasons why Prince Harry's bride, Meghan Markle, is not only unsuitable for him on a personal level, but is also deadly for his family and all it represents. 

FIRSTLY, she is an American mystery meat woman, who is marrying into a family that is still a symbol of the racial and cultural identity of native British people. This identity is important, and someone like Markle is a direct threat to it. Being a Royal is not a purely private matter. If Prince Harry abdicated from the role of being a Royal, like his great grand uncle King Edward VIII, then it would not be a problem whom he married. But he hasn't, and it is.

Because of this some choose to see Markle's racial difference as a "positive," because it is "reflective of the demographic changes" in UK demographics. This is disingenuous as it will clearly be used as propaganda to drive those changes, not reflect them.

Some also contend that she is a "symbol of unity" in a "diverse" multiracial and multicultural society, but clearly identity does not work this way. You can't symbolise racial "unity" between different groups in this crude and simplistic way. "Mystery meat" is still a tiny and unstable identity group in the UK, and Markle will merely look like an alien to all of Britain's various identity groups. Meanwhile "culturally" there is nothing diverse about her. She is just a symbol of the hegemonic liberal culture that is oppressing all groups in the world.

SECONDLY, Markle is clearly a past-her-sell-by-date survivor of the Hollywood cock carousel. In fact no one would be surprised to hear that she had once "given it up" to Harvey Weinstein himself in return for some minor bit part in a crappy film or TV series.
The Duchess of Sussex presenting her butthole to the world.
As a not particularly successful actress and wannabe actress for around 20 years, Markle probably has had dozens or scores of sexual partners, if not hundreds. 

This conjecture is based on news reports of her previous relationships, as well as what is normal for "a girl in her position." From this, it follows that she has a high likelihood of STDs. I would hazard a guess that she is probably a victim of a disease like chlamydia, which is fashionable among Hollywood sluts as it conveniently stops them getting pregnant.

Of course, I freely admit I could be wrong in my conjecture that Markle has been a Hollywood fuck-bucket. It is even possible that she has lived a life of comparative virtue throughout her 20 years knocking on fame's door -- and, who knows, maybe that accounts for her lack of success up to this moment -- but if I were a betting man, it's still a no-brainer where I would put my money.

That aside, there are already countless embarrassing images of her out there, like the one above and this one:

And this one, which will be awkward for someone LARPing as our social superior:

How long before a grubby sex vid is leaked to the tabloids? Will it be days, weeks, or months? 

The thing is Royal Weddings are a last hold-out of the healthy notions that women should marry young, be virginal on their wedding day, and be looking to have a healthy number of children. 

These are not just some quaint holdovers from the past, but are actually ideas that any society needs to survive. Even if Markle has been as virtuous as is possible beyond what we definitely know about her, she is clearly as far away from the healthy ideal of a virginal bride as shit is from gold.

THIRDLY, Markle is an SJW, who is highly likely to introduce SJW narratives into the Royal Family. This will be reinforced by the fact that she is partially Black and will identify as "Black" simply because this will give her and her husband more power in today's multicultural Britain. Also her "reproductive issues" will unleash a lot of feminist narratives.

The problem here is that the Royal Family is a traditional hierarchical institution that coexists awkwardly with culturally egalitarian British society. 

Having members of the Royal Family constantly signalling about SJW issues like "Muh racism" and "Muh feminism" will become a major headache. People who support tradition and hierarchy, like myself, will start to hate the Royal Family because it represents SJW bullshit from people jetting around the world and living in palaces. 

But egalitarian-minded people will also start to hate the Royals. Normally that kind of person just ignores the Royals, as attacking them just loses points for the Left. But Meghan's existence at the heart of the Royal Family will highlight how hierarchical, White, and gender-traditional it is on a day-to-day basis, and give the Left new points of attack. 

Every Royal occasion will become a new litmus test for the fake idea of a supposedly "progressive" multiracial monarchy, and essentially turn the Royal Family into a meta-political football. For example, if Meghan has kids, we will be treated to further racial and identitarian narratives; whereas if she doesn't have kids, the narratives will be all about feminism and why-oh-why do women have to justify their existence by having kids, etc.

Really, this is going to get tiresome pretty fast. I'm not sure if the Royal Family will be able to survive the shitstorm it has just generated with this extremely ill-chosen match. 

Also, when things start to go wrong in the marriage, as seems inevitable, Meghan is not the type to fade quitely into the background and disappear. She is much more likely to go full-Diana and media whore at a catastrophically toxic level.


  1. Hey, i have got a sex tape of Meghan Markle and Marcus Anderson having anal sex, are you brave enough to publish it, as i contacted the Sun and other media outlets and they are too scared?


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