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Turner, possibly reading a script prepared by his Deep State handlers.
Jeremy Bedford-Turner (aka Jez Turner) 48, a well-known figure on Britiain's nationalist right and the organiser of the London Forum, an event that creepily tries to mix respectable dissident right speakers (Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, etc.) with out-and-out loonies (Nazi fetishists, National Action shitheads, rent-a-skins, etc.), has been jailed for twelve months for "hate speech."

Turner's "crime" was saying "unhelpful" things about the Jews. In a 2015 speech delivered at a small protest meeting near Downing Street in London Jez Turner said: 
"Let's free England from Jewish control. Let's liberate this land." 
He also said that soldiers should rise up and "free England from Jewish control. Let's liberate this land." (Oh, wait a sec, that's actually the same comment!)

WTF!? So, for that vague and not particularly offensive comment that targeted no one specific he was jailed???? Yes!

The obvious message here for the unthinking Rightist is that the UK is an evil Orwellian state that will lock anyone up for even breathing in a politically incorrect way. You are basically supposed to think that Jez Turner is something of a martyr. 

But such ideas are touchingly naive. The fact is that, even under existing UK law, this kind of legal decision -- which was arrived at through a jury trial -- would be extremely hard to get without the full cooperation of the accused. 

In fact, a much more likely reason for what happened here is that Turner worked hard to creep out the jury, and also hired a lawyer who worked in tandem with the prosecution to get the desired result. 

What you smell when you look into the Jez Turner case.

But why would Turner allow himself to be jailed in this way? UK prison food can't be that great. 

Why? -- For exactly the same reason that Andrew Anglin would allow himself to be kicked off Twitter by going after a Jewish Labour MP in the UK and thus threatening Twitter's corporate interests in the censorious UK and EU, namely to set a precedent.

The key point here is to get a conviction that can then be used to intimidate people and normalise tyranny in order to shut down other people more easily. This is something that Affirmative Right leader Colin Liddell has long tried to point out to less astute members of the Dissident Right.

If the UK state can successfully produce a conviction for remarkably mild and non-specific "hate speech" like this, then it becomes much easier to jail anyone who is a dissident against the prevailing liberal globalist system.

Rather than using Stassi and gulag tactics, with their attendant high costs, this system seeks to impose a soft tyranny  through lawfare, infiltration, and sabotage.  

Yes, Turner is, as many have long suspected, an out-an-out asset of the UK Deep State. As for those who are still worried about him, his one-year in prison won't be one year and will be extremely comfortable.

Anyone wanting to know more about these long-running suspicions should read HERE and HERE for more details.

Over the years, Turner has paid thousands of pounds to bring over dozens of speakers to the London Forum, getting little financial return. This detail alone is enough to suggest something highly suspicious about the man, who, just like Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch, has routinely tried to associate the Dissident Right with Hollywood Naziism. 

Anyone in the Dissident Right is advised to be extremely wary of Turner or anyone he has been closely associated with, like those behind the Western Spring website. 

Just to be clear, this is not to say that any of those people are necessarily shills or agents of malicious forces, but that the patterns created are highly suspicious and due caution is advised. Those who have criticised them -- for example the European Knights Project linked above -- are also equally dubious.

Over the years Turner has paid a fortune (presumably using taxpayers' money) to bring the following to the UK:

✤ Professor Kevin Macdonald  – founder & editor of The Occidental Observer
✤ David Irving  – renowned WWII historian
✤ Mark Weber – Director of the Institute for Historical Review
✤ Andrew Brons – former Member European Parliament for the British National Party 
✤ Jonathan Bowden – Nationalist speaker & activist
✤ Jared Taylor – Founder & editor of American Renaissance magazine 
✤ Peter Rushton – British nationalist, speaker & author
✤ Tomislav Sunic – Author, professor & Croatian diplomat.
✤ Arthur Kemp – Author & former BNP foreign affairs spokesman
✤ Alain de Benoist – academic, founder of the Nouvelle Droite
✤ Norman Lowell – Maltese writer and head of the Imperium Europa
✤ Jack Sen – former UKIP prospective Member of Parliament
✤ Aleksandr Dugin – Russian writer & political activist
✤ Lady Michele Renouf – Activist, writer & proponent of Birobidjan as homeland for the Jewish people

Peep Show tried to warn us!

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