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Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla dote on their new censorship project
A report by Project Veritas has revealed that Facebook is run by a secret internal clique of "diversity Nazis" who use draconian powers to oppress and fire "non-diverse" staff and push an extreme form of "political correctness." 

As reported by Breitbart:

Facebook has a secret “Diversity Initiative Board” that governs the latest diversity push by the company, but those in the know are ordered to keep its existence quiet, according to an alleged internal HR report obtained by Project Veritas.

According to the Project Veritas report, the alleged Facebook memo explains that the Diversity Initiative Board (DIB) will be allowed to recommend termination or reeducation in a “Diversity Training” program for any unlucky Facebook employee who gets in the way of the company’s new diversity initiative.

The top people in the company are also extremely worried about anyone else finding out about this secret management group and its dictatorial powers.

The alleged memo, intended for Facebook employees working in the company’s HR department, insists that the existence and operations of the DIB be kept as secret as possible.

“Inform only select employees of the existence of the DIB on a “need-to-know” basis,” the document instructs.

“Do not inform employees of who is on the DIB.”

“Do not inform employees of the DIB review process.”

“Giving unnecessary information to employees may damage the integrity and effectiveness of the DIB.

“HR Professionals may submit evidence of noncompliance anonymously to the DIB.”

How is this any different from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, the Stasi, or North Korea?

So, what does this evil totalitarian clique actually want? 

The document recommends that Facebook’s HR employees push a number of measures believed to be helpful to diversity, including telling employees that they should not ask their colleagues to speak English...

The document also says that employees should be instructed to give preference to certain employees’ views based on their status as “diverse” or “non-diverse.”

“Non-diverse employees should be encouraged to ‘yield the floor’ to diverse workers in an effort to foster more diverse thought and opinion,” says the alleged report.

“Remind employees to refrain from speaking over diverse workers or minimizing their opinions,” it continues.

Yes, have you got that you filthy "non-diverse" untermenschen scum. Shut the fuck up when your diverse masters are speaking or even mumbling. Remember your place way down the pecking order, at least until we fire you for being White or male or not gay.

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