This site is heavily censored. Our Facebook page was shut down for absolutely no good reason a few months ago. Our Patreon page -- a real money spinner that raised about $1 an article -- was shut down. We are also banned and shadowbanned on social media in various ways that it would be tedious to expound on. 

Yes, our traffic is a tiny fraction of what it should be. 

I get it that this is the way the World works now. We basically live in a Western version of North Korea where the globalist, woke, multiculturalist establishment is completely unwilling to have its insane ideas challenged. Free speech is no longer an actual reality in the West. 

They have let us occupy this tiny, relatively isolated, and hard-to-get-to corner of the internet for two reasons. One, so they can say:

"Look, we do believe in free speech after all -- we haven't shut down Trad News yet." 

And, two, to ensure that we keep wasting our journalistic energies on a tiny audience. 

I am aware of all this, and I am happy to keep on writing for the few brave souls who venture here, and, guess what, I quite enjoy it, getting my narratives and notions straight in the process. 

But 2020 is an election year in America and it looks like becoming an incredibly hysterical and ugly one.

Unlike 2016, it is obvious that "The Enemy" is going to be a lot more strong-arm in its censorship tactics. 

Back then they were totally confident Hillary could beat Trump without them getting too blatantly Nazi or Stasi on our arses. So they just used the mass media, which they of course completely controlled, along with a little gentle censorship and shadowbanning on Social Media. 

The result: Brexit happened and Trump got elected. 

They are not going fuck up like that again. This time there will be a lot more censorship everywhere and at every level.

Just in the last few days, normie-tier anti-immigrant Neolibs like Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins have been shut down. Farage was booted from his popular radio show on LBC for daring to raise the possibility that all lives matter, while Hopkins had her blue check mark removed by Twitter and then, a few hours later, her entire account was axed permanently. The reason? Because she quoted a line from a BBC comedy show. Two normie-frienly neo-libs retweeted by Trump -- gone! Also, a couple of days ago, VDare was given notice that it would be kicked off its server. 

Yes, 2020 is going to be a demonstration of how little freedom any of us have to challenge insane ideas and state simple facts. The Enemy don't like to admit this but in an election year they are quite happy to let the mask slip.

So, with this in mind, I have decided to suspend this news site from today, and then to temporarily take it offline in a month or two. 

After that I will watch the hysteria unfold in America and the rest of the World, and try to keep out of it. 

Really, I'm not too bothered who wins America's extremely undemocractic election. Sure I prefer Trump to a senile old molester with a black female VP, but I'm not too sure even about that. I kind of think the World will only heal after America is toppled, like one of its statues, from its pedestal; and a senile old man with a black "kween" as VP sounds perfect for accelerating that. 

Anyway, my concern is keeping this site as safe as I can, and avoiding the shitstorm of hysteria and censorship that is surely coming -- hopefully to re-emerge after the election, whoever wins.

See you on the other side...

Colin Liddell

Chief Editor Trad News

PS: Always looking for writers. Contact me in the comment box if you want to write for Trad News.  


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  2. Gonna miss this site. Good luck Colin.


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