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No doubt these women are secretly getting off on this.

Let's face it, if the glass ceiling didn't exist, it would have to be invented. How do I know this? Because it literally doesn't exist but it is always being invented by women.

Take their claim that they are underpaid. I'll let Stefan Molyneux deal with that one.

How about the complaint that they are excluded from the corridors of power?

OK, no kids and the hairstyle of a 9th century German monk, but still technically a woman, and what's more ruler of all Germany.

Also no kids and with make up by the same guy who worked on the Addams Family films, but still technically a woman and in charge of the biggest island in Europe.

Also America was scheduled to have its own dickless leader by now -- although some would say it already had one in President Obama -- but somehow there was a malfunction with the Hillbot.

I guess when they programmed her to "suck" they 
looked up the wrong definition in the dictionary.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there is no shortage of female politicians, and, indeed, all else being equal, it seems that being female actually makes it easier for untalented politicians to go further.

OK, what else is there? 

Oh yeh, the legal system is definitely biased against women. That's why we get stories like this, where a man was jailed for 9 years just for having sex with his wife without telling her, while she was sleeping.

Yes, he literally got more jail time than the Rotherham child serial rapists because he had sex with his actual wife!!! Meanwhile women can get away with all sorts of illicit sexual activity because...pussy pass.

So, no glass ceiling there. 

But the thing is women really, really want a glass ceiling to exist so that when their "time of the month" comes round or the menopause kicks in, and they start feeling all moody, they can then have something to feel bitchy about. 

So cue the latest miraculous crystalization of the ever magical and perpetually invisible glass ceiling. 

According to an article in Metro.co.uk, "THE ORAL SEX GENDER GAP IS REAL, AND IT'S NOT OKAY"the latest feminist gripe is that they don't get their pussies eaten out enough. 
"I started having sex when I was 17," the author writes. "I’m now 23, and can count the number of times guys have gone down on me on two hands (without closing and reopening those hands, I mean. I’m talking fewer than 10 times). If you asked me to count the number of blow jobs I’ve given in that same time period, I’d have no idea. I’ve lost count. This isn’t me bragging about my blow job skills or my number of sexual partners (many of those blow jobs were on the same guy. My sex and dating life is pretty shit). This is me, questioning why it is that I’ve given significantly more oral sex than I received, why I haven’t asked for more, and why it’s seemed totally acceptable for so long."
Oh God, the inhumanity! Call the SJW brigade! 

After giving us statistically insignificant anecdotal evidence from her own sleazy but unsatisfying sex life, she then quotes a Canadian survey of college students. This found that "while 63% of the young men they surveyed had received oral sex as part of their most recent hookup, only 44% of women could say the same." 

She then dismisses some good reasons for this difference, including women taking significantly longer to orgasm by oral sex and the additional stresses produced on the male neck muscles by the less accessible position of female genitalia.

Other reasons she doesn't even go into are the fact that its easier to use a condom during female-to-male oral sex, and 
the fact that women are attracted to men who are "manly," i.e, more dominant, while men are attracted to women who are more feminine, i.e. more submissive. Needless to say, oral sex is at least partly a submissive sexual act and therefore has greater inherent value when offered by the sexually more submissive partner.

So, all in all that 63%-44% "mismatch" seems comparatively mild. In fact, yet again, women are doing much better than you would expect, showing that this latest attempt to create a glass ceiling is the most ludicrous one yet.

What about the "spank me Daddy" gap and the bondage glass ceiling?


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"the additional stresses produced on the male neck muscles by the less accessible position of female genitalia" LOL

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