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Twitter is the original angry bird.
If Steve Bannon is planning to regulate social media companies to make them more neutral, he had better get a move on, as they are clearly out of control. 

Patreon took down Lauren Southern for riding on a boat that aims to peacefully monitor the Mediterranean migrant invasion in order to build evidence against the illegal activities of NGOs and their collusion with criminal people smuggling gangs.

Meanwhile Facebook have been taking down images and posts that support normal marriage, y'know the kind where there is just a chance of keeping the human race going for another generation instead causing some guy a prolapse. 

Hateful, evil, homophobic imagery, like this one, can get you in trouble:

I mean it's obvious from this that Brittany Pettibone is planning on firing up the ovens and gassing 6 million gays just like Hitler did.

But monitoring criminal NGOs and supporting non-gay marriage are not the only things that will get censored on social media. 

Just posting tiny text images of the US flag will have the same effect, and even being the President's son won't help you, as Eric Trump found out. 

Check this image, a "before and after" of a tweet celebrating the improving job situation for Americans, thanks to the beneficent policies of President Trump:

All that Eric Trump says is "Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!" followed by three text pix of the US flag. But that is immediately censored for all or some viewers because it "includes potentially sensitive content." 

Just think about how elastic that term is. It could literally be made to cover anything. In this case maybe it's because there are three flags instead of one or two. Who knows! 

Anyway, it is obviously an insult to all Mexican Americans, practically the same thing as calling for them to be all rounded up and hung from gibbets from his father's wall. Thanks, Twitter for protecting us from such evil hate speech.

The other possibility is that these tech companies, all of which are based in the moral sewer of California, simply hate America so much and want to destroy it. 

In cases like this, always remember that attack is always the best means of defence, so get on it Team Trump.

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