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Following his firing by Google for a memo crticising the company's diversity policy, James Damore has given his first big interviews to Dissident Right YouTubers Stefan Molyneux and Jordan Peterson. 

Damore had a few brief email exchanges with mainstream media reporters, including hacks from the New York Times, Bloomberg, and Breitbart, before giving the Dissident Right his first big interviews. Meanwhile he blew off leftist rags like the Guardian, which kvetched about being snubbed:  
"Damore initially told the Guardian he would answer questions by email on Monday, but then stopped responding to inquiries."
In his 45-minute long interview with Molyneux, Damore said that he was inspired to write his now legendary manifesto after attending a Google diversity program that he found offensive.
"It was totally secretive. And I heard things that I definitely disagreed with,” he told Molyneux. “There was a lot of just shaming and, ‘No you can’t say that, that’s sexist, you can’t do this.’ There’s just so much hypocrisy."
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Dissident Right, Colin Liddell theorized that Damore had been fired by Google management as a "sacrifice" to the official PC culture because they simply can't hire enough women and minorities without destroying the company. In short, they secretly agree with everything Damore said in his memo, which referred to very real differences between men and women that mean tech will always be male-dominated, but have to kowtow to PC orthodoxy by empty symbolic gestures like firing Damore.

Watch Damore's two interviews here:

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