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It's really great when Donald Trump remembers who voted for him and why he was elected. Then we get days like today, with stories about the Department of Justice taking aim at Affirmative Action and a new bill unveiled that, if it passes, could slash legal immigration in half.

Given the fact that immigration has been too high since 1965, the Alt-Right would want something even better, but politics is the "art of the possible," and under present political conditions, this bill aims pretty high and could do a lot of good. 

So, what does the bill actually do?

First of all it seeks to eliminate the absurd green card lottery that essentially hands out 50,000 green cards a year to anyone who cares to enter the draw "from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States," which is code for some of the shittiest countries in the Third World.

Secondly it caps the number of refugees granted permanent visas at 50,000 per year, based on a 13-year average. OK, that doesn't sound great, but the truth of the matter is that, with Venezuela about to implode and Africa's population spiraling to destruction, we are likely to see an explosion of would-be refugees in the future. Having this 50,000 figure to fall back on will be a big safeguard. 

Thirdly, although it maintains immigration preferences for the spouses and minor-age children of resident foreigners or new citizens, it cuts back on extended family and grown adult family members of  such residents. In effective, this would reduce chain migration.
Fourthly, it replaces the employment-based immigration route that companies use to bring in around 140,000 foreigners a year, with a Canadian and Australian style points-based system that also takes youth, education, and English-language ability into consideration. 

Fifthly it stipulates that immigrant households arriving through this points system cannot get Federal welfare benefits for a period of 5 years. So, if they don't shape up, out they ship out! 

There, those are the main points, and the bill could cut legal immigration to the United States by half, according to some estimates. Those seem a little optimistic, but it is certainly a game changer and could possibly be expanded on in the future.

A great additional point the bill could have included would have been a clause recommending that we all go and piss on Emma Lazarus's grave, as it was her shitty poem on the Statue of Liberty about accepting the "huddled masses" that came to define America's post-1965 anti-White immigration policy. 

Still, if anybody wants to do that on their own, you can find it here.

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