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KLM: The ISIS of the sky?

KLM thought they would get in with the gays with their latest bit of social-media-driven viral marketing released on Twitter. This consisted of some seat belts in gay rainbow colours with the slogan: 
"It doesn't matter who you click with. Happy #PrideAmsterdam."
But critics of the company's heavy-handed pro-gay message were quick to point out the very obvious flaw. Let's see if you can spot it:

Seat belts consist of two distinct parts. These are called the "tongue" (the "male connector") and the "buckle" (the "female connector"). KLM's brilliant idea was to have three different arrangements representing -- top to bottom -- lesbian women, gay men, and straight. 

Yes, even the order is as progressive as possible: women rank higher than men and gays rank higher than straights. That is not accidental. 

The only problem with this is that only one version of the seat belt would actually work, the one featuring one male and one female part. This, of course, is how seat belts in planes actually are, for very good reasons.

If the airline company actually did away with this "sexist" seat belt arrangement, and instead introduced "gay" and "lesbian" seat belts so as not to offend their gay and lesbian passengers, it would of course greatly reduce air safety. In the event of severe air turbulence or a crash landing, those with "straight" seat belts would survive a lot better than the unfortunate gay and lesbian passengers, who would fly out of their seats and end up god knows where. 

Is KLM calling for the death or severe injury of all their homosexual passengers? It certainly looks like it.

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