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Now that European countries are starting to clamp down on the cross-Mediterranean migrant traffic, Left-wing NGOs might need a new outlet for their pathological altruism. Might I suggest the dangerous waters between Africa and the state of Yemen, where Africans face much worse dangers than they do in the Mediterranean?

Here too there is the problem of people smugglers transporting poor Africans across dangerous waters in the hope of a better life, although in this case, the "better life" is not the cushy one on welfare enjoyed by these fast-breeding migrants in Europe but instead the "better life" of working for near slave wages in the Gulf States with zero civil or human rights. 

But still they come! What does that tell us about Africa?

Recently it was discovered that up to 50 Somali and Ethiopian migrants had been "deliberately drowned" by smugglers off Yemen, after staff from the the International Organization of Migration (IOM) found the shallow graves of 29 migrants on a beach in Shabwa, Yemen, during a routine patrol. 

As reported by Arab News:
"IOM’s medical staff also provided urgent care to the 27 surviving migrants, both females and males, who had remained on the beach. IOM provided initial health checks and assistance, including food, water and other emergency relief. Some of the survivors had already left the beach before being assisted. 22 migrants are reportedly still missing and unaccounted for. The approximate average age of the passengers on the boat was 16."
The smugglers had been spooked into this action when they reportedly saws some "authority types near the coast," according to survivors interviewed by IOM staff

Since the start of this year, the IOM estimates that around 55,000 migrants have left the Horn of Africa to come to Yemen, with more than 30,000 of those migrants being under the age of 18 and a third female. 

The fact that Africans are prepared to pay money and risk drowning just to be dumped on the coast of a country in the midst of a violent civil war shows you (a) just how fucked up African is, (b) the enormous population pressures driving this, and (c) why we must do everything in our power to stop this flood of people arriving in Europe, where they will inevitably change our countries to approximations of the hell holes that they are fleeing. 

Modern Paris: Pathological altruism is the problem not the solution.
If we can instead encourage them to travel to the Middle East that would clearly be better. Also, I kind of like the idea of Leftist NGO staff mixing it with Somali pirates, members of ISIS, and Yemeni rebels. So many wonderful opportunities for these "great White saviours" to express their "superior humanitarianism" before their lives are tragically cut short. Don't worry, this is a sacrifice that Europe can make! 

As for Africans, I see no hope unless they find some way to limit their excessive population growth, but before they'll do that we have to stop them exporting the problem.

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