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The city of Baltimore removed several Confederate statues in the middle of the night on Tuesday. Making this desecration of Confederate monuments even worse, some Left-wing losers then erected one of their own crappy statues, literally made from papier mache and other bits of junk, on the pedestal of the great Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monument.

This represented a pregnant single mother, a suitable symbol for Leftist fecklessness and dysgenics, and was given a Spanish name Madre Luz (to hint at White racial replacement). It means "Light Mother."

But it wasn't on its pedestal long, thanks to the efforts of one heroic figure who came and went like a ghost in the night. As reported by the Baltimore Sun:
"After the removal of the Lee Jackson monument, activists had put the Madre Luz figure on top of the empty pedestal. But a male knocked it over and then fled in a car. Police had no more information but said the suspect was wearing a blue shirt and khaki shorts."


Anonymous said...

God bless him.


Anonymous said...

I used to think "the wall" was an asinine knuckle-dragger idea, but I think I've come up with a solution for the wall that will make everyone happy...Instead of building the wall along the mexican border, we should build it along the mason-dixon line. That way, all the people who want to stay south of the wall, are free to do so, and they can have all the things they hold dear...as many coal mines and guns, and as much fracking as they want. Hey, even the kids can work the mines, who needs school when the parents have such a rich and relevant life experience to teach? And, the people north of the wall can have the things they hold dear, like clean drinking water, peace, and social and technological progress.

And, as the people south of the wall cling tightly to their identity as the proud prosecutors of crimes against humanity and 2.5 centuries of human atrocity, which everyone else on the planet considers a national embarassment (they wouldn't know that, because it's not discussed on duck dynasty, and they think a passport is where you plug in your phone to charge it), they will be free to have all the slavery they want - except, obviously, for every slave a family gets, they have to give up one of their own to feed the slave pool.

Also, don't worry, there won't be any smart people to hate just for being smart, and no one to blame for their misfortunes, because there won't be any government - Total Liberty - and all the smart people will stay north of the wall, just like they are now. But, of course that means the "underwallers" won't be able to whine to da gubmint to create a job for them. There will be lots of coal mining jobs anyway, so no one will have to be burdened to learn a skill that actually provides value to society. The fabulous early 1800's all over again, just like they want it...when America was truly great.

They can also choose leaders with dark, narcissistic, hateful and violent visions of the future, like bannon and al-bagdadi; and educational leaders like that sniveling model of perfect mental health, christopher cantwell. Also, providing safe harbor to extreme racists won't have to be a dirty little secret anymore, because the whole place will just be one big, beautiful, free-flowing Alt Right (or "alt wrong" to the overwallers). And, they won't have to worry about anyone crossing their borders, because no one will want to. And obviously, once you choose the underwaller life, there's no getting out...but since their vision for the future will have created such a paradise of isolation, independence, homogeny, and supremacy, who would want to? Right?

Sounds like a win win, no?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the sniveling Cantwell lives in NH, I believe, so let's be sure he's given plenty of opportunity to get on the other side.

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