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A suitable mascot for the BBC?

This is the question being asked after the journalist who exposed Jimmy Savile and the pedo culture at the BBC, was found dead at the extremely young age of 52.

Liz McKean a healthy, sporty lesbian reporter was mysteriously found dead, with the cause reported as "a stroke," something that a wide variety of drugs and poisons can induce.

It's no secret that the BBC is rife with pedophiles, the most famous being Savile, a one man pedo industry who worked for the BBC for over 40 years and diddled hundreds if not thousands of kids under the very nose of BBC management. He is, of course, not the only one, and there is much evidence to suggest that he had many allies and collaborators at the BBC, including fellow pedophiles. There is also plenty of reason to think that many of them still work there, doing what they can to suppress news reports of pedophile grooming gangs while also working behind the scenes to "normalize" this revolting practice.

Pedos by their very nature are a clannish lot and like to stick together. As proved by many famous cases they will do anything to protect their perverse behaviour, and by "anything" I mean even murder.

There have been long running rumours that Jill Dando, a former BBC Crimewatch host, was killed by a secret BBC pedo ring after she got to close to the truth. Dando, who was 37 at the time, was shot dead in 1999 on the doorstep of her West London home in a crime that remains unsolved.

Before her murder Dando had passed a file to senior management with evidence that top BBC stars, including Savile, and other staff were involved in a pedo ring. Senior management stifled the report and refused to investigate. But Dando, it seems, wasn't prepared to go along with this.

“No one wanted to know”an unnamed former colleague and friend told reporters. “I don’t recall the names of all the stars now and don’t want to implicate anyone, but Jill said they were surprisingly big names. I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available."

Dando was not a lesbian, but McKean was. A top investigative reporter for the news magazine program, Newsnight, she wanted to be just as good as men at her job and pushed harder, against firm opposition from top BBC executives, including George Entwistle, then Director General. 

In 2011 BBC executives decided to ban her investigation into Jimmy Savile in order to protect him and other pedophiles. They also forced her to take early redundancy and fired her producer. When the Saville scandal broke in 2012, McKean was vindicated. But she did little for her personal safety, immediately going after other top pedophiles, like notorious pedophile politician Cyril Smith, showing that she was on a "crusade" against this highly secretive and ruthless group of men. 

As a lesbian, her connections to the gay community and her access to the "gay rumour mill" made her particularly dangerous to the pedo community. There is no clear evidence yet that her untimely death was a "hit" job, but if it was, there is clearly plenty of motive for it.

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