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Not enough praise has been lavished on members of Houston's innovative Black community (24%), who have responded to the heavy rains and flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey, by finding new ways to stay dry that would never occur to members of the city's White community. 

Some "fake news" sites have been showing their usual racist bias against African Americans by reporting that there has been widespread looting in the city. It is said that gangs have been taking advantage of the chaos to plunder anything they can get their hands on, including expensive consumer electronics. 

The truth is quite different, however. 

As the above picture clearly shows, these young Black gentlemen are merely using these widescreen TVs as improvised umbrellas, as the scour the streets looking for kittens and other victims of the storm to rescue. Once they have served their purpose, you can be sure that they will be dried off and returned to their rightful owners. 

In a crisis like this, these fine, upstanding young men, who have clearly got their lives together, demonstrate how important it is to all pull together. We salute them!

Sign made by probable KKK Nazis.


Former Liberal said...

All of the time these beings prove that they are incompatible with Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

White people don't loot they just shoot up our schools and churches and steal all your money through Wall Street and get no time compared to a guy stealing a TV even though they stole billions.

maxsnafu said...

Then why not let us have a country of our own where you won't have to endure our crime?--and YOU get to keep the Blacks.

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