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Some people can't take a f**king joke.

After getting its domain name booted from Go Daddy and then from Google, the troll site Daily Stormer, which is often mistaken for a serious Alt-Right or National Socialist site, is having trouble getting back online.

The problem started after the site's publisher Andrew Anglin wrote a very funny but unsympathetic article about the SJW antifa woman who was killed in an incident at Charlottesville last weekend that occurred after the cancellation of the Unite the Right rally and during a state of literal anarchy on the streets of the Virginia college town. This caused Go Daddy to bow to SJWs and go back on its supposed "free speech" commitment.

Before the Stormer went down, it published a story that claimed to be written by the Leftist hacker group Anonymous, which said they had hacked the site. Even though the Guardian newspaper was taken in by this, it was widely seen as a troll by Anglin himself. The story enabled him to take a break from his constant shitposting to deal with what is turning out to be a sustained campaign to bring the site down.

More recently the site briefly reemerged online under a new URL https://dailystormer.wang. This is now down as well, which suggests there is now a powerful team of tech people dedicated to playing a game of whack-a-mole with Andrew Anglin.

The people attempting to take down the Daily Stormer are doing this in the mistaken idea that they will harm the Alt-Right in this way. Ironically the reverse is true. Taking down the Stormer will simply reinforce the trend in the Alt-Right towards sane and reasonable racial nationalism that will appeal to growing numbers of normies who are scared away from supporting their natural interests by swastikas, rude words, and Nazi shit that the Stormer specialized in.


Unknown said...

DS was a site I never saw. I don't know anyone who believes he shouldn't be able to have his site up just because of his beliefs, except wannabee dictatorship supporters. If Communist and Maoist and Anarchists and folks who scream kill all white people are online, wTF?

Anonymous said...

No way are (((they))) going to ban DS from the internet.

Anonymous said...

So much for the 1A. Govt needs to license net services and take away licenses of those that shut down unpopular speech.

I'm lookin' at you, Google.

Sisyphus said...

DS was a containment website. Now all the readers will flood to milder right-wing sites and red-pill alt-lite peeps.

I ain't complainin'

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you, Andrew.
- FJ+

Anonymous said...

Anglin did nothing wrong. Long live the Stormer and Hail Victory!

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