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With less than two weeks to go to the Norwegian parliamentary election, the centre right coalition is starting to pull ahead of the Labour Party and its leftist allies in the polls.

In 2013, Labour lost power to a centre right coalition, just two years after Anders Breivik gunned down 69 of its youth members. The winning margin was more than 69 votes so Breivik's action in no way whatsoever influenced the result. At least I don't think so.

Since then the vile Leftie party has been trying to get back into power, and were even ahead in the polls for most of the year, probably because the Conservative PM is an unappealing lard ass, something that must confuse voters in a country where whale hunting is still a major industry.

But the good news is that the latest poll, carried out for public broadcaster NRK, showed the Conservative Party gaining support (3.3 points from a week ago), while Labour lost it (4.6 points). This makes the Conservatives the most popular party, with 25.7%.to Labour’s 24.4%.

In the 2013 election, Labour was the biggest party with 30.8% of the vote to the Conservatives' 26.8%, but were unable to form a government because their allies got less support than the allies of the Conservatives.

Another poll for independent broadcaster TV2 projects that the centre right alliance will win 87 seats to the 82 seats of the Leftist opposition.

If the Conservatives can maintain or increase their lead and beat Labour on election day, this would be a big turn-up for the books, because Labour has finished as the biggest party in every Norwegian election since 1924. 

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Robert Pinkerton said...

A "Labour" party, so-called, is a malignant tumor on any Body Politic unfortunate enough to host it. May it please the Gods, especially those of the Norse Pantheon, that this tumor be excised at the next election.

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