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Following a story in the New York Times that claimed Richard Spencer was terrified of a small woman of Red Sea Pedestrian heritage, the leader of the small damp patch that used to be the Alt-Right has come out with a scathing video claiming he is "just a normal guy" and "can't we just all get along together."

The article "How a Small Town Silenced a Neo-Nazi Hate Campaign" effectively claimed that Spencer skulked around his home town, being booed by angry residents rather in the manner of a Victorian pantomime villain.

"Mr. Muhlfeld [the Mayor] said he had last seen Mr. Spencer in 2019, skiing at the mountain resort. “He walked into the Summit House and summarily was booed by pretty much everyone,” Mr. Muhlfeld said, referring to a restaurant there."

Richard Spencer as viewed by Whitefish residents

It also quoted local Jewish estate agent Tanya Gersh gloating:

“I have bumped into him, and he runs — that’s actually a really good feeling.”

Ms Gersh is a small, plump Jewish woman with an uncanny resemblance to a matzo ball. Don't take my word for it, just check out the picture she selected for the New York Times article. My guess is this is one of her best photos.

But Spencer, the leader of the small damp patch that was once the Alt-Right has hit back at the Mainstream Media onslaught with an Odysee video in which he claims, in a very relaxed high-pitched voice, that he is not afraid of Jews (and does not think that they literally have tails).

The hit piece in the New York Times comes just a few weeks before Spencer goes on trial next month in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the wide range of events, involving multiple parties, that took place on a sunny August day in 2017. In one of these many incidents an obese woman died. The MSM wants everyone to believe that Spencer literally killed her so that the trial will result in the maximum possible penalties for Spencer. 

Nowadays, Spencer likes to pose as an innocent Leftie and Antifa sympathizer who was cruelly used and abused by evil meanie Andrew Anglin, who trolled Tanya Gersh and other Jews in Whitefish with Nazi memes and death threats starting in December 2016. But the reality is that Spencer fully cooperated with Anglin and was fully behind the Nazi-ward trend in the Alt-Right, having promoted it consistently from Heilgate (Nov 2016) onwards. 

Here is Spencer on December 2016 having a cosy chat with evil Nazi Andrew Anglin and oddly Jewish Nazi Mike Enoch.

Then of course there is this:


Unknown said...

So u are a j-ew and enemy of the white race i presume?

Anonymous said...

Spencer's maternal grandmother was a Jew by the name of Birdie Eckstein. Spencer calls himself "the Karl Marx of the alt-right". As both these figures are Jews, this comparison seems appropriate.

Keltic067 said...

You pulled that one out of your behind.

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