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Following the end of the fun times that started around 2015, when Trump decided to run for President, politics has now become so dull, safe, and mindnumbingly boring that even writing about it is sending me into a deep coma from which I may never awake.

In recent days there have actually been general elections in two of the G-7 nations, namely Canada and Germany!!! But I can't say anyone has noticed.

In fact, despite all the frenzied stuffing of millions of pieces of paper into ballot boxes, not a single thing has changed. It's still the same rack of ugly mugs, mediocre brains, and worthless airheads that are in charge - minus one or two.  

Really, there's fuck all to see or comment on. I'm not going even mention the minor fluctuations in voter patterns. Because there aren't any!

Voters had no choice or, where they did, they simply voted for the same twat as last time. You know, the one who thinks we need more windmills and immigrants, or else the bland centre-right nonentity in a suit who pretends to go to church with his wife and kids but is secretly gay.

If democracy disappeared up its own arse tomorrow would anyone even wake up and notice, let alone shed a tear? Definitely not.

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