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Fears are growing for Tim Kelly, the host of the "
Our Interesting Times" Fashy Catholic podcast, over concerns that he is no longer podcasting and may be ill (or worse!). 

Usually Kelly podcasts regularly each week, dishing up his WASP-n'-Jew-hating, conspiracy-theory-laced fare, and bringing on a wide variety of fashy,  Catholickly, or just plain eccentric guests, like Eric Striker, E Michael Jones, Mike Enoch and Ryan Dawson. But now there has been a gap of 24 days since his last podcast. 

Despite being a boomer, aged anywhere between 60 and 85, Kelly has also taken a strong anti-vax position on his program in recent months. Could it be he has suffered the bitter irony of catching the Coof himself?

Another possibility is that the potatoes he was growing "off grid" in his garden this year to sustain him were hit by a deadly potato blight causing him to starve to death. 

Update (24th Sept., 2021): A new podcast, recorded at an unknown time, was posted on Kelly's channel today.

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