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It was't so long ago that Israel could effortlessly invade the airspace of its Syrian neighbour, and bomb WTF it liked. But those days seem to be over, following increased assistance from Russia.

This has seen Syrian air defences upgraded to the point where they can now lock onto and track Israeli F-35 jets -- and shoot them down if necessary. 

Syrian air defences had already become so tight that recent Israeli missile attacks launched by its jets saw over 90% of the missiles launched destroyed in the air. But more recently Syria's ability to track and electronically impede the guidance systems of the jets seems to have increased.

As explained by YouTuber and independent journalist Borzzikman:

According to Borzzikman, in a recent incident an Israeli F-35 jet was tracked by Syria's S-200 Missile Defence system despite the jet's stealth defences.

The Israelis have said this was because it was mounting external fuel tanks. But whether this is true or not, one thing is clear, the military-technology gap between Syria and Israel has sharply narrowed, making it much riskier for Israel's air force to infringe Syrian sovereignty.

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Ken S. said...

Wow, that's great! Nice to see the Israelis won't be able to terrorize the Syrians anymore.

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