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In a demonstration of breathtaking pinpoint accuracy the US military has maybe, possibly killed a suspected suicide bomber, while only killing around ten civilians, including six children. As reported by the BBC:

A US drone strike targeting a suicide bomber ended up killing 10 members of one family, including six children, surviving relatives have told the BBC.

The 10 were killed when a car parked at their home was struck by an explosion on Sunday.

The US military said a vehicle carrying at least one person associated with the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group was targeted.

It suggests people nearby may have been hit in the aftermath of the strike.

Some of those killed had previously worked for international organisations and held visas allowing them entry to the US.

US Central Command has said they are investigating reports of the incident, but are unclear how the 10 died.

In a statement, it said there had been a number of "substantial and powerful subsequent explosions" following the drone strike.

Yes, a number of "substantial and powerful subsequent explosions" following a drone strike. Hmmm, who would have guessed it?

Take that ISIS (and kids)!

Also, who would have guessed that pumping explosive rockets into a densely built up area like a crowded Kabul street would have killed some innocent kids? I mean, what are the chances?

Can't blame the US military for that. It's just what they do -- namely hiding in bases and using grainy visuals and data, which can be easily hacked by the Chinese and Russians, to "acquire targets" that just happen to look like normal families of Afghans or little old ladies crossing the road. 

Hope there are still some medals left over for these heroes when they finally get back to the States:

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