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It's well known that the Feds and other Deep State actors are very active in operations that seek to undermine legitimate opposition to the Globohomo system. Now we have another piece of evidence to throw on the pile

Here's Leftie rag Vice reporting the news:

FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim 

Court documents claim that a confidential informant who helped bring down Atomwaffen Division is also a publisher of white supremacist literature.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has paid a man involved in a publishing house specializing in occult neo-Nazi books more than $100,000 since 2003, according to court filings.

The publishing house is Martinet Press, fine purveyors of Atomwaffen Division-approved books such as Iron Gates and Liber 333. The former is a book about a Satanic cult roaming a post-apocalyptic America, which opens with a scene of a child being murdered.The apparent informant is Joshua Caleb Sutter, a man with longstanding ties to white supremacist organizations. Sutter’s father was a Pentacostal preacher who ran racist memorabilia stores in the area around the South Carolina capital of Columbia; Sutter and his father would take turns running the counter.

The court documents implicating Sutter are from the federal government’s case against Kaleb Cole, whom prosecutors say was a leader of the neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division. Obtained by investigative journalist Ali Winston, the documents are a motion to suppress evidence related to a search warrant used to search Cole’s house.

The documents don’t use Sutter’s name, but the description of the FBI’s confidential informant leaves little doubt that it’s him. “The government has informed defense counsel that the CI in this case has worked as an informant for the FBI for approximately the past sixteen years,” the court records said. “Since 2003, he has been paid over $140,000 for this work. More importantly, the CI has been paid $78,133.20 plus an expense advance of $4,378.60 since February 7, 2018, which almost entirely coincides with his work on the investigation into Mr. Cole and Atomwaffen.”

Since 2003! Yes, this guy is practically on the FBI's pension plan by now. 

The way it works is that well-funded shits like Sutter move in on any nationalist, identitarian, or ethnocratic organisation or online gathering, and start mixing in the poison of Naziism, Satanism, and terrorism.

Sutter, one of many Fed operatives pushing Nazitardery on the right 24-7

"They're gonna call you a racist anyway," they say, "you may as well trigger the Libs by going full 1488, LOL. Also throw in a bit of Satanism. Go on, it's cool!"

They then emotionally reward their targets whenever they say something outlandish and extreme, spurring them on with their own stream of Naziist Satanic bile. But it's not just emotional rewards. Note the expense advance of 
$4,378.60. Yes, that's right, Sutter also had money to throw around to entice his targets to say and do dumb stuff.

It's the oldest trick in the book but a lot of naive incel kids, gushing with impotent rage, fall for it. 

More from Vice:

“The CI (confidential informant) is a convicted felon and currently owns and operates a publishing company that distributes white supremacist writings,” the records said. “The CI began his long career as a professional informant in exchange for consideration regarding his sentence on a federal conviction for possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and an unregistered silencer. He has continued to work for pay."

Sutter is a former high-ranking member of the Aryan Nations who was arrested in 2003. According to court records he “knowingly possessed a firearm with an obliterated serial number.” As with the CI in the Cole case, Sutter’s gun had a silencer. He served a brief stint in federal prison in Georgia, but got out in 2004.

After leaving prison, Sutter returned to South Carolina, moved into a trailer owned by his father, and married a woman named Jillian Hoy—the director of Martinet Press, which publishes a pantheon of esoteric and apocalyptic occult neo-Nazi literature. The books Martinet Press publishes tend to be nihilistic, jargon-filled, and fictional. They advocate for a world where the strong destroy society and usher in the collapse of civilization."

The main enemy the Dissident Right faces -- and has always faced -- are scum like this, who push it in the direction of evil Satanist Nazi crap so as to isolate it from the normies.

Other examples that spring to mind:

"Grindr" Greg Johnson:

Mike "Edge Cases" Enoch:

Andrew Wanglin: 

And Frodi "the whispering Nazi" Midjord:

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Enoch is a fat slob. I also strongly think he is on the FBI payroll. Anglin is simply a closeted homosexual with a fetish for black men.

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