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Cameron Shea, 25 (above), who went by the nerve-racking alias "Krokodil," has been sentenced to three years in prison for a series of creepy death threats to journalists.

Shea was one of the "useful idiot" members of the Atomwaffen Division, an ostensibly Nazi-signalling group that is almost certainly 100% controlled by the Deep State.

As reported by Vice (go on, click the link, Vice needs all the hits they can get):

Under his alias “Krokodil,” Shea was the primary recruiter for AWD, which has been linked to numerous murders since 2017 and a series of terror-related crimes across the U.S. Shea, of Redmond, Washington, was active with the group both online and offline. AWD’s stated end goal is to hasten the collapse of the government to build a white ethnostate from its ashes.

Actually the "numerous murders" were five, and the AWD has fuck all to do with building an ethnostate, as Nazi-signalling retardedness like this is the surest way to bolster the globalist, anti-White system.

Shea was mainly jailed for his role in “Operation Ertse Saule,” a scary German-sounding nationwide campaign to intimidate journalists who were publicly doxxing the group's tiny membership at the time.

You can be sure, however, that the Deep State operatives who run the AWD already had all the names, addresses, and other details of members on file and in their rolodexes.

A convenient way for busy G-men to keep the details of 
all their favourite pet Nazis at their fingertips

"We’re coordinating this nationwide Operation called Operation Ertse Saule, named after the first pillar of state power, AKA the media,” Shea wrote in an encrypted chatroom used by the group in November 2019. “We will be postering journalists’ houses and media buildings to send a clear message that we too have leverage on them. The goal, of course, is to erode the media/state air of legitimacy by showing people that they have names and addresses and hopefully embolden others to act as well.”

The targetted journalists then had traumatic posters like these sent to their mailboxes:

Each poster contained a blank spot at the bottom where the group would attempt to spell the target’s name and address.

The chatroom where this genius operation was discussed was, of course, monitored if not controlled by the FBI from the get-go, meaning there was plenty of evidence to convict useful idiots like Shea, while also turning other AWD members into shills for later FBI Black ops against nationalists.

The case is related to the recent revelation that the FBI had been heavily financing fake Nazi and AWD mole Joshua Caleb Sutter.

In a letter to the judge that was probably written for him by his lawyer or his FBI handler when he gets out of prison in a year or two, Shea promised to be a good boi:

"I cannot put into words the guilt that I feel about this fear and pain that I caused."

Shea wrote that he was homeless, struggling with addiction and dealing with a friend's death when he began researching neo-Nazism. He said he had befriended detainees of other races while in custody, and he now understands that journalists play a crucial role in holding institutions and individuals to account.

"The only reason I disliked the media was because I was partaking in things I didn't want to be known to the public, because on some level I knew the things I was involved in were wrong," he wrote.

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