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Matthew Heimbach, the disgraced former leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party, has let down his followers once again, this time by being kicked out of a political movement for a NON-sexual reason.

Heimbach, a towering figure of fun on the dissident right almost on a par with the great Richard Spencer, sadly disappointed his fan base by being kicked out of the National Socialist Movement for dull, boring, ideological reasons that nobody gives a fuck about except for a handful of Nazbol autistes:

As reported by News2Share:

In September of this year, it was reported that neo-Nazi Matthew Heimbach had joined the National Socialist Movement (NSM) following the disbanding of a group he had founded, the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. That job appears to have been short-lived, as Heimbach has now been reportedly expelled from the group for his Strausserist positions.

Strausserism (sic) is a form of neo-Nazism that is considered to be further left and more heavily emphasizes the socialist aspects of the fascist philosophy.

In November, the NSM held its first rally with Heimbach acting as director of community outreach. The event was heavily armed, but police kept counter-demonstrators and the rally attendees separate...

According to a social media post by Tennessee NSM State leader Kynan Dutton, Heimbach was expelled for being a “betrayer, traitor, and Communist.” The post cites Colucci and the group’s leader, Jeff Scoep, as the authorities behind the expulsion.

Heimbach denies that he was being too Communist, which is a bit like denying you're too pregnant.

"No, it’s not a form of Communism," he told the worlds assembled press. "Communism is international socialism by its very ideological texts, Strasserism is a national form of socialism."

Whatever, dude. Nobody gives a shit about your loser politics. 

The only reason you're famous is because you're a comedy joke figure on the Dissident Right, namely a fuzzy ball of fat with a laughably overactive and self-destructive sex drive. Although a lot of people also think you're a Fed by now.

Heimbach leading the Alt-Right into battle at Charlottesville


ChanChanRight said...

luv me some heimbach

Anonymous said...

Matt Heimbach is my spirit animal.

Heimbachs Hymen said...

Blew me a load just readin' this. Matty is an orgasm booster for sure!

Heimbachs Hymen said...

Gonna follow Hymie wherever he turns up next!

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