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When a "racist mob attack" on a 17-year-old Kurdish Iranian "refugee" in South London was reported over the weekend, the Left was rubbing its hands with glee. Here was yet further proof of how Brexit had turned millions of people into hate-filled, racist bigots. 

Diane Abbot, possibly the lowest IQ woman in politics but nevertheless the Labour Party's shadow Home Secretary (basically interior minister if they ever get into government) was quick off the mark with some typical Leftist boilerplate quotes
Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, but part of a sustained increase in hate crimes that this Tory government is yet to offer any effective response to," she said. "With rightwing politicians across the world scapegoating migrants, refugees and others for their economic problems, we are seeing a deeply worrying rise in the politics of hate. We must make clear that there is no place for anti-foreigner myths, racism and hate in our society."
The moronic Daily Mail even started to compare the case to the famous Stephen Lawrence case, an over-hyped and very rare White-on-Black stabbing that was used for decades to accuse the police of "institutional racism." 
Diane Abbot: extremely low caliber Labour politician.

But it appears there has a been a narrative-collapsing twist in the case, as it now appears that the mob that carried out the attack was mainly if not wholly Black. 

Really, no one should be surprised, as the manner in which the crime unfolded has all the hallmarks of Black gang violence. As reported by The Sun
On Friday at around 11.40pm in Shrublands Avenue, Croydon, a 17-year-old asylum seeker was set upon by a group of yobs. The teenager was repeatedly punched and kicked leaving him with a fractured skull and blood clot. The boy had been waiting at a bus stop with two friends when the group “asked him where he was from” before unleashing the brutal attack. Witnesses revealed up to 20 people watched on during the savage beating at a south London bus stop. One shocked onlooker described his horror at seeing the 17-year-old boy “getting absolutely beaten up” by a huge mob. The boy was said to scream “help, help, help” as he was thrown to the floor and beaten by attackers who swore and hurled abuse...The unconscious teenager was left sprawled “flat out” in the street fighting for his life by the “horrendous and frenzied” assault. The 17-year-old was left in a critical condition – but is now stable – after the suspected hate crime."
One resident said: "There was a group of roughly 10 people that was kicking and punching him, and the rest, another 10 or 20, were all just around watching. "Then when they heard sirens they started to go. People that were there, witnesses, because they couldn't do anything against a group of 30 people, they had to wait until they moved off and that's when they managed to help him."
I'm not saying White people couldn't do something like this, but it just doesn't sound like White people. It's more like something off the famous "chimp out" website WorldStarHipHop, one of those outbreaks where everything is captured on cell phones. Already eight people -- six men, one woman and a 17-year-old girl -- have been arrested, with the police looking for others.

So when the police finally released images of some of the suspects I was not surprised to see that they were all Black or mixed race. 

But what's really going on here? It looks like the influx of migrants is creating competition in the criminal underclass, with Afro-Caribbean street gangs feeling the pinch. After all, if it was just a random "chimp out," they could have picked a softer target like White people. 

That wouldn't even have made the local news, and the police wouldn't be feeling the pressure to arrest anyone. But attacking a Muslim "refugee" in a city where the mayor is a Muslim, now that's a different story.


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