After President Trump apparently endorsed idiotic Neocon positions on Syria in the wake of a supposed gas attack on a rebel-held Syrian town, practically the entire Dissident Right has come out against the man they helped put in the White House.

Richard Spencer, the editor of tweeted:

He also released a video in which he said:
"I sometimes wonder if I am living in a time warp and whether we're just repeating past mistakes, having learned nothing."

Kevin MacDonald the editor of The Occidental Observer and the author of the Culture of Critique tweeted:

Ricky Vaughn, now tweeting under the name "NotRickyVaughn" tweeted:

Colin Liddell, chief editor of Affirmative Right tweeted:

Within minutes of Trump saying he was thinking of going to war with President Assad of Syria, Liddell had also penned an article for the Occidental Observer setting out the reasons why the gas attack was fake news and almost definitely an accident or false flag with the rebels to blame. 

Seventh Son of The Right Stuff and the Daily Shoah launched dozens of anti-Trump tweets and called on Alt-Righters to jam the White House switchboard:

Alt-Liters like Mike Cernovich, Joseph Paul Watson, and Stefan Molyneux also chimed in, condemning the push for war and declared the gas attack narrative as fake news.

Perhaps the most damning criticism of Trump's new Neocon position came from Iraq war veteran Angelo John Gage, who tweeted a video in which he addressed Trump:
"I'm making this video because you're being fucking lied to. I voted for you, my whole family voted for you, we all busted our asses to destroy the fake media news and now you're falling for it. You actually believe Assad gassed his own people. That's what you f**king believe, Mr President?...If you fall for this you will be the dumbest f**king President in US history."


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    1. Wrong. This connection is over. Hillary or Jeb may as well be president now.

    2. We are much bigger than Trump. He is bought. We are legion.

  2. Its time for the UK to break from warmongering USA and declare solidarity with Russia!

    1. Fuck yeah! Christian Russia always!

      Satanic zionist USA will lose.

      Traitorous EU and UK governments support Trump's zionist bull. The people do not.

  3. blackacidlizzard6 April 2017 at 22:32

    We helped get Trump elected because he promised America First and said that the enemy in the Middle East was ISIS.

    We will help bury him because he gave us Israel First and decided that his ally in the Middle East was ISIS.

    The 2016 election proved that millions of White Americans are open to the future we seek, and as we have always suspected, they may now be seeing that we can not vote our way to a better tomorrow.

  4. Finally the jewish controlled alt-right woke up from their slumbert

    turn back to the jewish question !

  5. Can we dispense with the FAKE god-emperor business now? You didn't really buy that Cheap Chinese-Made Plastic Messiah Business did you? You don't VOTE out Tyranny. If you want Caesar, you need to become LEGION.
    Join the Mobile Infantry, Get Citizenship. The end of Empires always comes with a huge military debacle. The Broccoli Brigade of Boosh League Amateurs and a Reality Star from Kardashian Ass is about to stink with an undersized "diverse" army of perversion and genetic failure. Let Hair and Makeup crash and burn. Fight for YOUR FUTURE WHITE MAN.

  6. What a load of crap. You people are brain dead.

  7. Well, Drumpfucksters, I TOLD YOU SO!

  8. I don't know what the pro-Globalists are whining about, this is what your beloved Obamaphiles do. They kill people and bomb nations like they own the planet and the people are mere chattel; oh wait, you already are.

  9. The irony... well let's hope you 'cucks' do as a good a job on this 'war' as did in Muppet Trump's 'election'.


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