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Honk is now "hate speech" after Facebook banned a post consisting of just the word "honk." 

As reported by Summit News:

Facebook removed a post which consisted simply of the word “honk,” asserting that it was a violation of their community standards.

Yes, really.

The use of the word stems from the ‘clown world’ meme – a nihilistic position many on the right are taking in light of a society in the grip of ‘progressive’ degeneracy run amok.

Apparently, it’s now verboten to even allude to the meme on Facebook.

Really,  I don't know how they're going to  justify this. 

Maybe they won't even bother.

But that might be a bit tricky, because sooner or later Facebook and other social media giants are going to have to face the question of whether they are public platforms, allowing people to express themselves freely within the law, or else publishers, responsible for every word, thought, and image they carry.

Maybe when they are called up before some senate committee to justify their constant Orwellian behaviour, they'll say that "honk" is hate speech because H-O-N-K stands for:

Orange man bad

Really, I wouldn't be surprised. 

One thing you can be sure of -- in clown world there is never a peak, plus it's honks all the way down.

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Afterthought said...

They are pushing and meeting no resistance. This is how people end up in camps. The central belief: "it can't happen here".

Anonymous said...


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